Definition of cook up Pronunciation
1. To manufacture; to fabricate; to falsify; to devise an elaborate lie.
He really cooked up a good one this time, something about an airline disaster.
2. To prepare a heroin dose by heating.
3. To prepare a meal.
Lemme cook up some eggs and bacon before you go.
4. To manufacture a significant amount of illegal drugs (LSD, meth, etc.)
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English - English - cook up Pronunciation
invent, make up, fabricate
English - Spanish - cook up Pronunciation
v. tramar, urdir, preparar
English - French - cook up Pronunciation
inventer, imaginer
English - German - cook up Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - cook up Pronunciation
v. mempersiapkan
English - Italian - cook up Pronunciation
v. inventare
English - Polish - cook up Pronunciation
v. fałszować
English - Portuguese - cook up Pronunciation
v. inventar, forjar
English - Russian - cook up Pronunciation
г. стряпать, состряпать, выдумать, придумать
English - Turkish - cook up Pronunciation
uydurmak, oynama yapmak
English - Ukrainian - cook up Pronunciation
v. підробити, сфабрикувати
English - Dutch - cook up Pronunciation
English - Hindi - cook up Pronunciation
v. भोजनादि पकाना
English - Korean - cook up Pronunciation
동. 안출해 내다, 지어내다
English - Vietnamese - cook up Pronunciation
v. bày ra, đặt ra

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