Definition of copestone Pronunciation
1. Capstone
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English - English - copestone Pronunciation
n. upper stone of a building or other structure; final touch; crowning achievement; stone that forms the top of wall
English - Spanish - copestone Pronunciation
s. albardilla (f)
English - German - copestone Pronunciation
Krönung, Abdeckplatte, Natursteindeckplatte, Abschluss, Schlussstein, Deckstein, Kappenstein, Abdeckstein
English - Indonesian - copestone Pronunciation
n. titik terakhir
English - Italian - copestone Pronunciation
s. pietra per cimasa; coronamento, tocco finale
English - Portuguese - copestone Pronunciation
[arquitetura] s. pedra de cimalha ou de cumeeira, f.
English - Russian - copestone Pronunciation
с. карнизный камень, завершение, заключительный штрих
English - Turkish - copestone Pronunciation
i. son rötuş, saçak taşı
English - Ukrainian - copestone Pronunciation
n. парапетний камінь, завершення
English - Dutch - copestone Pronunciation
zn. bovenste steen van een gebouw of andere structuur; laatste hand; toppunt; bekroonde prestatie; steen die bovenste steen is van een muur
English - Chinese - copestone Pronunciation
n. 冠石 (guan1 shı2), 冠状部 (guan1 zhuang4 bu4)
English - Chinese - copestone Pronunciation
n. 冠石 (guan1 shı2), 冠狀部 (guan1 zhuang4 bu4)

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