Definition of corollary Pronunciation
1. Something given beyond what is actually due; something added or superfluous.
2. Something which occurs a fortiori, as a result of another effort without significant additional effort.
Finally getting that cracked window fixed was a nice corollary of redoing the whole storefont.
3. A proposition which follows easily from the proof of another proposition.
We have proven that this set is finite and well ordered; as a corollary, we now know that there is an order-preserving map from it to the natural numbers.
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English - English - corollary Pronunciation
n. consequence, result, upshot, effect; proposition that follows from a proposition that has already proved
English - Spanish - corollary Pronunciation
s. corolario, moraleja
English - French - corollary Pronunciation
n. corollaire, conséquence
English - German - corollary Pronunciation
n. Folge, Resultat
English - Indonesian - corollary Pronunciation
n. akibat wajar
English - Italian - corollary Pronunciation
s. (Filos, Mat) corollario; facile deduzione, conseguenza logica
English - Polish - corollary Pronunciation
n. wniosek, następstwo
English - Portuguese - corollary Pronunciation
s. conclusão, resultado
English - Romanian - corollary Pronunciation
n. corolar {mat.}
English - Russian - corollary Pronunciation
с. естественное следствие, вывод, заключение, результат
English - Turkish - corollary Pronunciation
i. sonuç, doğal sonuç
English - Ukrainian - corollary Pronunciation
n. результат, наслідок
English - Dutch - corollary Pronunciation
zn. gevolg, gevolgtrekking
English - Greek - corollary Pronunciation
ουσ. πόρισμα, συνέπεια, φυσική συνέπεια
English - Arabic - corollary Pronunciation
‏نتيجة مباشرة، اللازمة‏
English - Chinese - corollary Pronunciation
(名) 必然的结果; 推论; 系
English - Chinese - corollary Pronunciation
(名) 必然的結果; 推論; 系
English - Japanese - corollary Pronunciation
(名) 当然の結果; 系
English - Korean - corollary Pronunciation
명. 계, 추론
English - Vietnamese - corollary Pronunciation
n. kết quả tất nhiên, hệ luận

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Synonyms for corollary
1. consequence: culmination, end, conclusion, result, upshot
2. inference: deduction, analogy, result, judgment