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English English - Definition of corps 
n. specialized military unit; group of trained personnel working together
n. body, corps; carcass, bone, frame
n. corps, specialized military unit; student union
Spanish English To Spanish - corps 
s. banda
French English To French - corps 
n. corps, soldat, troupe, cadre
German English To German - corps 
n. Soldat, Legion, Kader
Italian English To Italian - corps 
s. (Mil) corpo; corpo d'armata; corpo di ballo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - corps 
s. subdivisão do estabelecimento militar; unidade tática que consiste em duas ou mais divisões militares e ainda armas e serviços
Russian English To Russian - corps 
с. корпус, служба, род войск
Turkish English To Turkish - corps 
i. heyet, topluluk, birlik; kolordu, kıta
English French To English - corps 
(m) n. body, corps; carcass, bone, frame
English German To English - corps 
n. corps
English Dutch To English - corps 
n. corps, specialized military unit; student union
Albanian English To Albanian - corps 
n. korpus [usht.], trupë baleti
Dutch English To Dutch - corps 
zn. legermacht, legereenheid; sta, personeel
Greek English To Greek - corps 
ουσ. σώμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - corps 
(名) 军团, 团, 队
ChineseT English To ChineseT - corps 
(名) 軍團, 團, 隊
Japanese English To Japanese - corps 
(名) 軍団; 部隊; 団体
Korean English To Korean - corps 
명. 군단, 특별군단; 함께 수행하도록 훈련받은 개인들의 단체
German French To German - corps 
n. größe, leiche, substanz, verbindung, truppe, behörde, sammlung, kette, truppenteil, körper, leib, rumpf, knochen, leichnam, schaft, hauptteil, haupttrakt, stock, resonanzkörper, schriftgrad, kodex, corps, korps, organ, korpus, gehäuse, jahrhundert
Russian French To Russian - corps 
n. корпус (m), тело (m), туловище (m), корпорация (m), состав (m), свод (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - corps 
[le] cisim; vücut, gövde; ceset;müfreze;dayanıklılık, sağlamlık
French German To French - corps 
n. corps (m)


 Synonyms for corps
armed force: military, troops, infantry, battalion, army

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