Definition of corps Pronunciation
1. A battlefield formation composed of two or more divisions.
2. An organized group of people united by a common purpose.
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English - English - corps Pronunciation
n. specialized military unit; group of trained personnel working together
n. body, corps; carcass, bone, frame
n. corps, specialized military unit; student union
English - Spanish - corps Pronunciation
s. banda
English - French - corps Pronunciation
n. corps, soldat, troupe, cadre
English - German - corps Pronunciation
n. Soldat, Legion, Kader
English - Indonesian - corps Pronunciation
n. kesatuan, korps, corps, korporasi mahasiswa
English - Italian - corps Pronunciation
s. (Mil) corpo; corpo d'armata; corpo di ballo
English - Polish - corps Pronunciation
n. korpus {wojsk.}, zespół
English - Portuguese - corps Pronunciation
s. subdivisão do estabelecimento militar; unidade tática que consiste em duas ou mais divisões militares e ainda armas e serviços
English - Romanian - corps Pronunciation
n. corp {mil.}, grup
English - Russian - corps Pronunciation
с. корпус, служба, род войск
English - Turkish - corps Pronunciation
i. heyet, topluluk, birlik; kolordu, kıta
English - Ukrainian - corps Pronunciation
n. корпус, військо: рід військ, служба
French - English - corps Pronunciation
(m) n. body, corps; carcass, bone, frame
German - English - corps Pronunciation
n. corps
Indonesian - English - corps
n. corps
Dutch - English - corps Pronunciation
n. corps, specialized military unit; student union
English - Dutch - corps Pronunciation
zn. legermacht, legereenheid; sta, personeel
English - Greek - corps Pronunciation
ουσ. σώμα
French - German - corps Pronunciation
n. größe, leiche, substanz, verbindung, truppe, behörde, sammlung, kette, truppenteil, körper, leib, rumpf, knochen, leichnam, schaft, hauptteil, haupttrakt, stock, resonanzkörper, schriftgrad, kodex, corps, korps, organ, korpus, gehäuse, jahrhundert
French - Russian - corps Pronunciation
n. корпус (m), тело (m), туловище (m), корпорация (m), состав (m), свод (m)
French - Turkish - corps Pronunciation
[le] cisim; vücut, gövde; ceset;müfreze;dayanıklılık, sağlamlık
German - French - corps Pronunciation
n. corps (m)
English - Arabic - corps Pronunciation
‏فيلق، سلك‏
English - Chinese - corps Pronunciation
(名) 军团, 团, 队
English - Chinese - corps Pronunciation
(名) 軍團, 團, 隊
English - Hindi - corps Pronunciation
n. सैन्य निकाय
English - Japanese - corps Pronunciation
(名) 軍団; 部隊; 団体
English - Korean - corps Pronunciation
명. 군단, 특별군단; 함께 수행하도록 훈련받은 개인들의 단체
English - Vietnamese - corps Pronunciation
n. quân đoàn, ban khiêu vũ, ngoại giao đoàn

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armed force: military, troops, infantry, battalion, army