Definition of cottar Pronunciation
1. A peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands.
2. Fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.
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English - German - cottar Pronunciation
Kleinbauer (im schottischen Hochland), Pachthäusler
English - Indonesian - cottar Pronunciation
n. pekerja pertanian, buruh tani
English - Portuguese - cottar Pronunciation
s. caseiro (m), rendeiro (m), chave (f), chavêta
English - Russian - cottar Pronunciation
с. батрак (M), бедняк-арендатор (M)
English - Dutch - cottar Pronunciation
zn. landarbeider
English - Korean - cottar Pronunciation
명. 입찰 소작인, 코터, 비녀장, 날품팔이 농부, 코터핀
English - Vietnamese - cottar Pronunciation
n. chốt, đinh chốt

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