Definition of counter Pronunciation
1. An object (now especially a small disc) used in counting or keeping count, or as a marker in games, etc.
He rolled a six on the dice, so moved his counter forward six spaces.
2. Any stone lying closer to the center than any of the opponent's stones.
3. A table or board on which money is counted and over which business is transacted; a shop tabletop on which goods are examined, weighed or measured.
He put his money on the counter, and the shopkeeper put it in the till.
4. One who counts, or reckons up; a reckoner.
He's only 16 months, but is already a good counter – he can count to 100.
5. A telltale; a contrivance attached to an engine, printing press, or other machine, for the purpose of counting the revolutions or the pulsations.
6. The prison attached to a city court; a Counter.
7. A class of word used along with numbers to count objects and events, typically mass nouns. Although rare and optional in English (e.g. "20 head of cattle"), they are numerous and required in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
8. In a kitchen, a surface, often built into the wall and above a cabinet, whereon various food preparations take place.
9. In a bathroom, a surface, often built into the wall and above a cabinet, which holds the washbasin.
10. A proactive defensive hold or move in reaction to a hold or move by one's opponent.
Always know a counter to any hold you try against your opponent.
11. A variable, memory location, etc. whose contents are incremented to keep a count.
12. A hit counter.
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English - English - counter Pronunciation
n. bar, long flat surface (in a restaurant, kitchen, etc.); counting device; (Computers) series of numbers used to indicate how many people have visited a Web page
v. oppose; retaliate
adv. against, in contrast to
English - Spanish - counter Pronunciation
s. mostrador, bar (en un restaurante, cocina, etc.); calculadora; (Informática) contador de visitas en una página web
v. antagonizar, argumentar en contra de, contrariar, ir en contra de, oponerse a; contrarrestar, cancelar, contrabalancear, contrapesar, hacer contrapeso a, resistirse a; rebatir
adv. en dirección opuesta
English - French - counter Pronunciation
n. bar, comptoir (restaurant, cuisine); compteur; fiche; jeton; guichet; caisse (Supermarché, banque); rayon; bureau; caisse; série de numéro qui indique le nombre de personnes qui ont visité une page Web (Internet)
v. riposter
adv. contre, en sens inverse, contrairement à
English - German - counter Pronunciation
n. Ladentisch, Tresen, Theke; Zähler; (Computer) Zähler der angibt wieviele Menschen eine bestimmte Webpage besucht haben
v. antworten, kontern
adv. gegen-, gegen
English - Italian - counter Pronunciation
s. banco, bancone; cassa; contrassegno, contromarca, gettone
v. ricambiare, controbattere; contrastare, opporsi a; neutralizzare, annullare; replicare
avv. in senso contrario; (fig) in opposizione, contrariamente
English - Portuguese - counter Pronunciation
s. balcão, guichê, bancada, banca, estande; contador (de tarifas, por exemplo); contador de páginas (computação)
v. reagir
adv. contra, em oposição a
English - Russian - counter Pronunciation
с. прилавок, стойка; фишка, марка, шашка; счеты, счетчик, тахометр; противовес; загривок, холка, задник; кормовой подзор, подзор (судна); восьмерка; отражение удара, встречный удар
г. противостоять, противиться, противоречить, парировать, нанести встречный удар
нареч. в обратном направлении, обратно, напротив
English - Turkish - counter Pronunciation
f. karşılık vermek, karşı koymak, karşı atak yapmak, kontra yumruk atmak
i. sayaç; tezgâh; gişe; fiş; karşılık, karşı şey; çene altı ile omuz arası; kontuar
zf. ters, karşı, aykırı
German - English - counter
counter, Counter
Dutch - English - counter Pronunciation
n. counter, bar, long flat surface (in a restaurant, kitchen, etc.); counting device
English - Dutch - counter Pronunciation
zn. toonbank (in restaurant of keuken; teller, meter; (Computers) aantal getallen gebruikt om aan te geven hoeveel mensen de Webpagina hebben bezocht
ww. reageren
bw. in tegenstelling, tegen
English - Greek - counter Pronunciation
ουσ. τράπεζα καταστήματος, πάγκος, μάρκα χαρτοπαιξία, μετρητής, απαριθμητής, γκισέ
English - Chinese - counter Pronunciation
(名) 相反之事物; 回拳, 还击; 对立物; 主跟, 后帮#柜台; 筹码; 柜台式长桌; 伪造的硬币#计算者; 计算器, 计数器
(动) 反对; 反驳; 反击; 抵消; 反对; 反驳; 反击; 还击
(副) 反方向地, 相反地
English - Chinese - counter Pronunciation
(名) 相反之事物; 回拳, 還擊; 對立物; 主跟, 後幫#櫃檯; 籌碼; 櫃檯式長桌; 偽造的硬幣#計算者; 計算器, 計數器
(動) 反對; 反駁; 反擊; 抵消; 反對; 反駁; 反擊; 還擊
(副) 反方向地, 相反地
English - Japanese - counter Pronunciation
(副) 反対に
(名) カウンター(レストランや台所など); 計算器; (コンピュータ)計数器, ウェブページに何人訪れたかを数えるもの
(接頭) 対して, 反して
English - Korean - counter Pronunciation
명. 계산대, 카운터 ( 식당이나 주방 등에서); 계산기
부. 반대로
접두. 반대의, 대응의, 역의

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Synonyms for counter
shelf: ledge, bench, trestle, stand, booth, board
Verb forms for counter
Present participle: countering
Present: counter (3.person: counters)
Past: countered
Future: will counter
Present conditional: would counter
Present Perfect: have countered (3.person: has countered)
Past Perfect: had countered
Future Perfect: will have countered
Past conditional: would have countered