Definition of counterrevolution Pronunciation
1. A revolution aiming to reverse the political or social changes instigated by a previous revolution.
The military leaders behind the original coup were executed in the aftermath of the counterrevolution.
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English - English - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. revolution which opposes a previous revolution
English - Spanish - counterrevolution Pronunciation
s. contrarrevolución
English - French - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. contre-révolution
English - German - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. Gegenrevolution
English - Indonesian - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. kontrarevolusi
English - Italian - counterrevolution Pronunciation
s. controrivoluzione
English - Polish - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. kontrrewolucja
English - Portuguese - counterrevolution Pronunciation
s. contra-revolução
English - Russian - counterrevolution Pronunciation
с. контрреволюция
English - Turkish - counterrevolution Pronunciation
i. karşı devrim
English - Ukrainian - counterrevolution Pronunciation
n. контрреволюція
English - Dutch - counterrevolution Pronunciation
zn. contrarevolutie
English - Greek - counterrevolution Pronunciation
ουσ. αντεπανάσταση
English - Chinese - counterrevolution Pronunciation
(名) 反革命
English - Chinese - counterrevolution Pronunciation
(名) 反革命
English - Japanese - counterrevolution Pronunciation
(名) 反革命
English - Korean - counterrevolution Pronunciation
명. 반혁명, 이전의 혁명에 반대하는 혁명

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