Definitions and translations for "cover"

Definition of cover

1. A lid.
2. A hiding from view.
3. A front and back of a book or magazine.
4. A top sheet of a bed.
5. A cover charge.
There's a $15 cover tonight.
6. A setting at a restaurant table or formal dinner.
We need to set another cover for the Smith party.
7. A rerecording of a previously recorded song; a cover version; a cover song.
8. A fielding position on the off side, between point and mid off, about 30° forward of square; a fielder in this position.
9. A set (more often known as a family) of sets, whose union contains the given set.
The open intervals are a cover for the real numbers.
10. An envelope complete with stamps and postmarks etc.
11. A solid object, including terrain, that provides protection from enemy fire.
12. In commercial law, a buyer’s purchase on the open market of goods similar or identical to the goods contracted for after a seller has breached a contract of sale by failure to deliver the goods contracted for.
13. An insurance contract; coverage by an insurance contract.
14. A persona maintained by a spy or undercover operative, cover story
15. The portion of a slate, tile, or shingle that is hidden by the overlap of the course above.
16. In a steam engine, the lap of a slide valve.
17. Of or pertaining to the front cover of a book or magazine.
18. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of cover versions.
19. To place something over or upon, as to conceal or protect.
He covered the baby with a blanket.
When the pot comes to a boil, cover it and reduce the heat to medium.
20. To be over or upon, as to conceal or protect.
The blanket covered the baby.
21. To be upon all of, so as to completely conceal.
Regular hexagons can cover the plane.
22. To set upon all of, so as to completely conceal.
You can cover the plane with regular hexagons.
23. To invest (oneself with something); to bring upon (oneself).
The heroic soldier covered himself with glory.
24. To discuss thoroughly; to provide coverage of.
The magazine covers such diverse topics as politics, news from the world of science, and the economy.
25. To deal with.
26. To be enough money for.
We've earned enough to cover most of our costs.
Ten dollars should cover lunch.
27. To act as a replacement.
I need to take off Tuesday. Can you cover for me?
28. To have as an assignment or responsibility.
Can you cover the morning shift tomorrow? I'll give you off next Monday instead.
He is our salesman covering companies with headquarters in the northern provinces.
29. To make a cover version of (a song that was originally recorded by another artist).
30. To protect using an aimed firearm and the threat of firing; or to protect using continuous, heaving fire at or in the direction of the enemy so as to force the enemy to remain in cover; or to threaten using an aimed firearm.
31. To provide insurance coverage for.
Does my policy cover accidental loss?
32. To copulate with (said of certain male animals such as dogs and horses).
I would like to have my bitch covered next spring.
The stallion has not covered the mare yet.
33. To protect or control (a piece or square).
In order to checkmate a king on the side of the board, the five squares adjacent to the king must all be covered.
34. To extend over a given period of time or range, to occupy, to stretch over a given area.
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English - English - cover

n. casing; lid; wrapper; binding; shelter; insurance
v. encase; review; conceal completely underneath; protect; include; insure
n. cover, wrapper; casing

English - Spanish - cover

s. cubierta, cobertera, funda, portada, tapa, tapadera, tapador; refugio, abrigo; cobertor; escondite, acechadera, escondrijo
v. cubrir, forrar, poner un velo sobre, techar; abrigar, cobijar, dar cubierta; recubrir, cubrir con una capa; encubrir, apañar, esconder; reportar sobre; cubrir con una tapa, tapar

Spanish - English - cover

n. cover story, article in a magazine which is advertized on the first page; cover version, recording of a song that was previously recorded or made popular by another

English - French - cover

n. couverture, couvercle, refuge
v. couvrir, relater (un événement); révéler une information partielle, protéger, recouvrir, comprendre; assurer

English - German - cover

n. Decke; Deckel; Umschlag; Mantel; Versicherung
v. decken, zudecken; beschützen; versichern

English - Indonesian - cover

n. tutup, penutup, sampul, sarung, selubung, kelumun, ulas, pelupuk, selongsong, kain penutup, tudung, kulit, perkulitan, perlindungan, deking, selimut, lindungan, kedok
v. menutup, menutupi, mengalas, mengalasi, mengulas, mengulasi, menangkupkan, menyungkup, melingkupi, melindungi, memperlindungi, memperlindungkan, menabiri, membukut, melapisi, menyamak, meliput, meliputi, mencakup, menempuh, memperlarikan

English - Italian - cover

s. coperchio; fodera; riparo, protezione; assicurazione, copertura; velo, manto; maschera, schermo; (Legat) copertina; (Post) busta, plico; nascondiglio; (Econ) cauzione, garanzia; ricoprimento (Mat.)
v. coprire; vestire; nascondere alla vista; riempire; colmare; (fig) mascherare, dissimulare; proteggere; (Artigl) tenere sotto il fuoco; percorrere; (fig) riguardare, contemplare, prevedere; includere

English - Polish - cover

n. przykrycie, kapa, pokrowiec, nakrywa, nakrycie, płaszcz, pokrywa, poszwa, powłoczka, powłoka, przykrywa, pokrywka, wieko, okładka, banderola, ukrycie, osłona, zasłonka, nasadka, obudowa, wykładanie, osłonięcie, wierzch, zakrycie
v. pokryć, zakryć, przykryć, przesłaniać, zasłać, nakryć, okryć, przyrzucać, zarzucać, obrzucić, obłożyć, oblec, przyoblec, odziać {przen.}, obsiadać, osiadać, przysnuć, zasnuć, obciągnąć, zasunąć, odstanawiać, wykładać, obsypać, porastać, obrastać, palnąć, owiać, zadąć, zanieść, opłacać, wybić, pobić, przejść, obleźć, zalegać, pokrywać, zakrywać
v. przesłonić, zaścielać, zaściełać, nakrywać, okrywać, zarzucić, obrzucać, oblegać, oblekać, obsiąść, osiąść, zasnuwać, obciągać, zasuwać, wyłożyć, obsypywać, porosnąć, zadymać, zanosić, wybijać, pobijać, zalec, zalegnąć

English - Portuguese - cover

s. envólucro; capa; tampa, cobertura, coberta; envelope; abrigo; disfarce; seguro
v. cobrir; tampar; abrigar; proteger; revestir; abranger (um território); percorrer (uma distância); tratar (de um tema ou assunto); pôr o chapéu

English - Romanian - cover

n. înveliş, învelitoare, acoperitoare, capac, toc, teacă, astupătoare, cutie, pătură, plic, acoperământ, mască, copertă, scoarţă de carte, adăpost, secret, pretext, tacâm, văl, perdea {fig.}, plafon, tavan
v. acoperi, ascunde, înveli, apăra, feri, cuprinde, îngloba, include, trata, străbate, parcurge, înlocui, cloci, asigura, ochi, acoperi: se acoperi, înveli: se înveli

English - Russian - cover

с. крышка, покрышка; покрывало; защитник; обертка, чехол, футляр, колпак, кожух, обшивка; конверт; переплет; обложка; убежище, укрытие; личина, маска; отговорка, предлог; обеденный прибор
г. покрывать, закрывать, накрывать; ограждать; подернуть, завесить, завешивать, скрывать, прикрываться; обтягивать, обтянуть; заметать (о снеге); распространяться; расстилаться, уставлять; охватывать, относиться

English - Turkish - cover

f. kapamak, örtmek, kaplamak, kapatmak, üzerini kapatmak, korumak; yetmek; içermek; kapsamak
i. örtü; kapak, kap, kaplık, paket; zarf, kılıf; kuver; av yeri; sığınak, bahane

English - Ukrainian - cover

n. кришка, чохол, футляр, обкладинка, оправа, притулок, сховище, куверт, накривало, накриття, накришка, прикриття, укриття, упаковка
v. покривати, прикривати, вкривати, захищати, ховати, затаювати, оббивати, охоплювати, страхувати, передбачати, укривати, завішувати, замітати, запорошувати, засипати, застелити, змощувати, крити, накривати, напрядати, обволікати, обкладати, обліпити, окривати, паруватися, пробігати, проїжджати, пройти, проходити, сповивати

German - English - cover

v. encase; review; conceal completely underneath; protect; include; insure

Italian - English - cover

adj. cover girl, girl whose picture is on the cover of a magazine

English - Dutch - cover

zn. schuilplaats; beschutting; deksel; omslag; envelop
ww. bedekken; verslaan; verbergen; beschermen; afleggen; onder vuur hebben

English - Greek - cover

ουσ. κάλυμμα, κάλυψη, σκέπασμα, στέγη, εξώφυλλο
ρήμ. κρύβω, σκεπάζω, σκεπώ, καλύπτω

English - Arabic - cover

‏ملجأ، غطاء، غلاف كتاب، حجاب، ستار‏
‏غطى، حمى، هيمن، صوب المسدس إلى، سافر، جامع، شمل، إستغرق، عالج، صان، ستر، كسا، تحضن، زود، إجتاز، إشترى، عمل كبديل لغيره، لف‏

English - Chinese - cover

(名) 盖子; 藉口; 封面
(动) 覆盖, 保护, 掩饰; 覆盖; 代替; 涂

English - Chinese - cover

(名) 蓋子; 藉口; 封面
(動) 覆蓋, 保護, 掩飾; 覆蓋; 代替; 塗

English - Hindi - cover

n. आवरण, आच्छादन, छिपाव, ढक्कन, छद्‌म, बिस्तरबंद, मूंदना, खोली, आड़
v. ढोकना, चढ़ाना, ढांकना, चादर डालना, ऊपर रखना, छिपा लेना, छत लगाकर ढांपना, सिम्मलित करना, पर्याप्त होना, यात्रा करना

English - Japanese - cover

(動) 覆う; 被せる; 塗る; 上張りする; 覆い隠す; 包む; 及ぶ
(名) カバー, 覆い; 包み紙; ふた; 表紙; 見えなくする物; 隠れ場所

English - Korean - cover

명. 뚜껑, 표지; 포장지; 묶은 것; 안식처, 피난처; 보험
동. 덮다, 뚜껑을 덮다; 덮어 씌우다; 감싸주다; 포함하다; 보상하다

English - Vietnamese - cover

n. khăn, vải che phủ, nắp nồi, lồng bàn, tổng bao, bìa sách, phong bì, chổ núp, chổ trốn, bụi rậm, tiền bảo chứng, bộ đồ muổng nĩa, áo phủ ghế, bao thư, hình ngoài bìa sách, ẩn nấp, thừa lúc, giả danh
v. che, đậy, bao phủ, che đậy, bảo đảm
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Verb forms for cover
Present participle: covering
Present: cover (3.person: covers)
Past: covered
Future: will cover
Present conditional: would cover
Present Perfect: have covered (3.person: has covered)
Past Perfect: had covered
Future Perfect: will have covered
Past conditional: would have covered