Definition of crack Pronunciation
1. The act of cracking something.
2. A usually brief attempt.
He took a crack at it.
I gave it a whirl.
3. A purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted; highly addictive.
4. A narrow opening.
He opened the window a crack.
5. A sudden sharp noise.
The crack of a whip.
He heard the cracking of the ice.
He can hear the snap of a twig.
6. Witty remark.
7. A blemish resulting from a break without complete separation of the parts.
There was a crack in the mirror.
8. A chance to do something.
He wanted a shot at the champion.
9. A long narrow depression in a surface.
10. Break into simpler molecules by means of heat.
The petroleum cracked.
11. Reduce (petroleum) to a simpler compound by cracking.
12. Cause to become cracked.
Heat and light cracked the back of the leather chair.
13. Become fractured; break or crack on the surface only.
The glass cracked when it was heated.
14. Break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension.
The pipe snapped.
15. Break partially but keep its integrity.
The glass cracked.
16. A long narrow opening.
17. Gain unauthorized access computers with malicious intentions.
She cracked my password.
Crack a safe.
18. Tell spontaneously.
Crack a joke.
19. Pass through (a barrier).
Registrations cracked through the 30,000 mark in the county.
20. Hit forcefully; deal a hard blow, making a cracking noise.
The teacher cracked him across the face with a ruler.
21. Suffer a nervous breakdown.
22. Make a sharp sound.
His fingers snapped.
23. Make a very sharp explosive sound.
His gun cracked.
24. Of the highest quality.
An ace reporter.
A crack shot.
A first-rate golfer.
A super party.
Played top-notch tennis.
An athlete in tiptop condition.
She is absolutely tops.
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English - English - crack Pronunciation
n. fracture, split; loud sharp noise; blow; witty remark; form of cocaine
v. split, fracture; make a loud sharp noise; whip; open a little
adj. excellent, first-rate
English - Spanish - crack Pronunciation
s. grieta, rajadura, rendija, resquicio; crujido, chasquido, quebraja, restallido, traquido; hendidura, abertura, cuarteo, fisura, fractura, hendedura, quebradura, quiebra, resquebradura
v. agrietar, cascar, cuartear, fisionar, fracturar, rajar, resquebrajar, reventar; agrietarse, grietearse, rajarse, resquebrajarse, resquebrarse, restallar; chasquear, craquear, crepitar, crujir
adj. formidable, estupendo, extraordinario, superior, de primera
Spanish - English - crack Pronunciation
n. crack, form of cocaine
English - French - crack Pronunciation
n. fêlure, fissure; détonation; coup sec; observation acérée; remarque salée; forme de cocaïne
v. fêler, se fêler; se casser; craquer, claquer; tirer; ouvrir, résoudre
adj. génial, super
English - German - crack Pronunciation
n. Spalt; Knacken; harter Schlag; spitze Bemerkung
v. einreißen; krachen; peitschen; (gewaltsam) öffnen
adj. erstklassig
English - Italian - crack Pronunciation
s. scoppio, schiocco, schianto; incrinatura, spaccatura, crepa, fenditura; colpo, percossa, botta; (fam) battuta, frizzo; (fam) tentativo, prova; (fam) attimo, istante, baleno; (sl) scasso, effrazione
v. schioccare; scricchiolare; spaccarsi, spezzarsi, incrinarsi, fendersi; diventare stridula; (fig) cedere, crollare
agg. (fam) eccellente, ottimo, formidabile
English - Portuguese - crack Pronunciation
s. fenda; som de estalo ou explosão; confusão; comentário perspicaz
v. fender; emitir som de explosão; chicotear; abrir
adj. excelente, ótimo
English - Russian - crack Pronunciation
с. треск, щелканье; удар, затрещина; трещина, раскол, щель; ломающийся голос; кто-либо замечательный, что-либо замечательное; острота, шутка, саркастическое замечание
г. производить шум, производить выстрел, трещать; раскусывать, расщеплять; рассыхаться, трескаться, давать трещину; раскалывать, колоть; крекировать, подвергать крекингу
прил. великолепный, знаменитый, первоклассный
English - Turkish - crack Pronunciation
f. çatlamak, çatlatmak; çatallaşmak (ses); çatırdatmak, çatırdamak; patlamak; şaklatmak; yarılmak; çökmek; kırmak,
i. çatlak, şiddetle vurma
s. çatırtı; patlama; şaklama; vuruş; aralık; özür; espri, çene çalma; as; birinci sınıf şey; deneme
French - English - crack Pronunciation
(m) n. crack, wiz, wizard
German - English - crack Pronunciation
v. split, fracture; make a loud sharp noise; whip; open a little
Italian - English - crack Pronunciation
n. crack, bankruptcy
English - Dutch - crack Pronunciation
zn. barst; ontploffingsgeluid; gekraak; slag, klap; scherpzinnige opmerking
ww. barsten; een ontploffingsgeluid maken; met een zweep slaan; een kleine opening maken
bn. prima, uitstekend
English - Greek - crack Pronunciation
ουσ. ράγισμα, ρήγμα, ρωγμή, χαραγματιά, χαραμάδα, απόπειρα
ρήμ. σπάζω, κροτώ, ραγίζω
French - Spanish - crack Pronunciation
1. (intelligence - homme) as (m); luz (f); hacha (m)
2. (intelligence - femme) as (m); luz (f); hacha (f)
3. (adresse - homme) as (m); maestro (m); experto (m) 4. (adresse - femme) experta (f); as (m)
French - German - crack Pronunciation
n. crack
French - Italian - crack Pronunciation
1. (intelligence - homme) genio (m); asso (m); luminare (m)
2. (intelligence - femme) genio (m); asso (m); luminare (m)
3. (adresse - homme) esperto (m); asso (m) 4. (adresse - femme) esperta (f); asso (m)
French - Portuguese - crack Pronunciation
1. (intelligence - homme) crânio (m) {slang}; fera (f) {slang}; gênio (m) {informal}
2. (intelligence - femme) crânio (m) {slang}; fera (f) {slang}; gênio (m) {informal}
3. (adresse - homme) ás (m); perito (m); fera (f) (slang; Lat. Amer.) 4. (adresse - femme) ás (m); perita (f); fera (f) (slang; Lat. Amer.)
German - French - crack Pronunciation
n. crack (m)
German - Russian - crack Pronunciation
n. спортсмен-фаворит (m), скаковая лошадь (m), крек (n), наркотик на базе кокаина (n)
French - Dutch - crack Pronunciation
1. (intelligence - homme) bolleboos (m) {informal}; kei (m) {informal}; kraan (m) {informal}; baas (m) {informal}; aas (m) {informal}
2. (intelligence - femme) bolleboos (m) {informal}; kei (m) {informal}; kraan (m) {informal}; baas (m) {informal}; aas (m) {informal}
3. (adresse - homme) uitblinker (m); aas (m) {informal}; kraan (m) {informal}; kei (m) {informal}; expert (m); baas (m) {informal} 4. (adresse - femme) uitblinkster (f); aas (m) {informal}; kraan (m) {informal}; kei (m) {informal}; experte (f)
English - Chinese - crack Pronunciation
(名) 裂缝, 爆裂声
(动) 爆裂, 发出爆裂声, 裂开; 使爆裂, 使破裂; 强行进入; 砸开, 砰地一声打开; 使霹啪作响
(形) 最好的; 高明的
English - Chinese - crack Pronunciation
(名) 裂縫, 爆裂聲
(動) 爆裂, 發出爆裂聲, 裂開; 使爆裂, 使破裂; 強行進入; 砸開, 砰地一聲打開; 使霹啪作響
(形) 最好的; 高明的
English - Japanese - crack Pronunciation
(動) ひびが入る; 割れる; 鋭い音を立てる; 急に変わる; ピシャリと打つ; 急変する
(名) ひび; すき間; パチンという音; ピシッという音; ズドンという音; 欠点; 皮肉
(形) 最優秀の; 一流の
English - Korean - crack Pronunciation
명. 갈라진 틈; 시끄럽고 날카로운 소리; 타격, 일격; 기지에 찬 말, 재치있는 말; 코카인의 한 형태
동. 나눠지다, 쪼개지다, 갈라지다; 날카롭고 시끄러운 소리를 내다; 채찍질하다, 일격을 가하다; ...을 조금 열다
형. 아주 우수한

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Synonyms for crack
1. cracked: gruff
2. balmy
3. report: snap
4. flaw: rent, slit, breach, rift, spring, break, chink
5. comment: return, witticism, jest, mot
6. break: rend, splinter, cleave, shatter, crackle, burst, craze
7. hurt: break, injure
8. solve: answer, figure out, decode
Verb forms for crack
Present participle: cracking
Present: crack (3.person: cracks)
Past: cracked
Future: will crack
Present conditional: would crack
Present Perfect: have cracked (3.person: has cracked)
Past Perfect: had cracked
Future Perfect: will have cracked
Past conditional: would have cracked