mass of nuclear fuel necessary necessary for a chain reaction to occur (Physics)
English - Spanish - critical mass Pronunciation
masa crítica
English - French - critical mass Pronunciation
masse critique (quantité minimale d'une matière qui peut faire des dégâts)
English - German - critical mass Pronunciation
kritische Masse (Atomphysik, kleinste Menge von teilbarem Stoff, die zu einer Kettenreaktion führen kann)
English - Turkish - critical mass Pronunciation
kritik kütle
English - Dutch - critical mass Pronunciation
kritische massa (minimale hoeveelheid materiaal dat nodig is voor kettingreactie)
noun: the minimum mass of fissionable material that can sustain a chain reaction
noun: the minimum amount (of something) required to start or maintain a venture Example:The battle for the computer market has now reached critical mass.

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