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English English - Definition of crotch 
n. forking, branching; place where something forks (i.e. area between the legs, etc.)
Spanish English To Spanish - crotch 
s. bifurcación, bragadura, entrepierna, entrepiernas
French English To French - crotch 
n. aine, bifurcation
German English To German - crotch 
n. Gabelung; Schritt
Italian English To Italian - crotch 
s. forca, biforcazione; bastone biforcuto; (Anat) inforcatura; (Sart) cavallo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - crotch 
s. forquilha
Russian English To Russian - crotch 
с. развилина, вилка (стебля), вилы, крюк, разветвление
Turkish English To Turkish - crotch 
i. çatal (ağaç); pantolon ağı, ağ kısmı
Albanian English To Albanian - crotch 
n. bigëzim
Dutch English To Dutch - crotch 
zn. vertakking, vork; kruis (v. mens)
Greek English To Greek - crotch 
ουσ. διχάλα, διάσκελο, διχάλα δέντρου, καβάλος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - crotch 
(名) 枝丫; 裤裆; 胯部; 叉架
ChineseT English To ChineseT - crotch 
(名) 枝丫; 褲襠; 胯部; 叉架
Japanese English To Japanese - crotch 
(名) 分岐; 又(足など)
Korean English To Korean - crotch 
명. 가랑이, 갈래; 가랑이가 있는 곳, 갈림이 있는 곳
noun: the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk
noun: external sex organ


 Synonyms for crotch
limb: stick, branch, arm, growth, bough, fork, offshoot

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