Definition of cumber Pronunciation
1. To slow down, to hinder, to burden.
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English - English - cumber Pronunciation
v. hinder, bother, encumber
English - Spanish - cumber Pronunciation
v. estorbar, agobiar, ser una carga para
English - French - cumber Pronunciation
v. encombrer, embarrasser
English - German - cumber Pronunciation
v. belasten, behindern
English - Italian - cumber Pronunciation
v. ostacolare, impacciare, ingombrare; sovraccaricare, gravare, appesantire
English - Portuguese - cumber Pronunciation
v. impedir, dificultar, sobrecarregar
English - Russian - cumber Pronunciation
г. затруднять, стеснять, препятствовать
English - Turkish - cumber Pronunciation
f. engellemek; sıkmak, yük olmak
English - Dutch - cumber Pronunciation
ww. belemmeren, hinderen
English - Greek - cumber Pronunciation
ρήμ. επιβαρύνω, κωλύω, βαραίνω, εμποδίζω
English - Chinese - cumber Pronunciation
(动) 阻碍
English - Chinese - cumber Pronunciation
(動) 阻礙
English - Japanese - cumber Pronunciation
(動) 邪魔になる, 妨害する; ふさぐ
English - Korean - cumber Pronunciation
동. 방해하다, 막다, 지우다

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Verb forms for cumber
Present participle: cumbering
Present: cumber (3.person: cumbers)
Past: cumbered
Future: will cumber
Present conditional: would cumber
Present Perfect: have cumbered (3.person: has cumbered)
Past Perfect: had cumbered
Future Perfect: will have cumbered
Past conditional: would have cumbered