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English English - Definition of damages 
n. compensation, money paid for injury or harm done to a person or property
Spanish English To Spanish - damages 
s. daños y perjuicios, evicción
French English To French - damages 
n. dommages-intérêts; indemnité
German English To German - damages 
[damage] n. Schaden, Verlust; Ausgaben, Kosten (Slang)
v. beschädigen; Verlust zufügen
n. Entschädigung, Schadensersatz; Schäden
Italian English To Italian - damages 
s. danni
Portuguese English To Portuguese - damages 
s. indenização; perdas, danos
Russian English To Russian - damages 
с. убытки
Turkish English To Turkish - damages 
i. zarar ziyan, tazminat
Albanian English To Albanian - damages 
n. shpenzim
Dutch English To Dutch - damages 
zn. schadevergoeding; schadeloosstelling; vergoeding
Greek English To Greek - damages 
ουσ. αποζημίωση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - damages 
(名) 索赔
ChineseT English To ChineseT - damages 
(名) 索賠
Japanese English To Japanese - damages 
(名) 損害賠償金
(動) 損害を与える; 傷つける; 傷つく
(名) ダメージ, 被害, 損害, 痛手; (俗語)代価, 費用(例えば 『バーで飲んだ飲み物はいくら?』)
Korean English To Korean - damages 
명. 보상, 손해보상, 손해배상
noun: a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury.


 Synonyms for damages
reimbursement: reparation, indemnity, settlement, compensation, indemnification, restitution

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