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English English - Definition of damned 
adj. cursed, condemned
adv. extremely, very, highly
n. someone or something that has been damned or cursed
Spanish English To Spanish - damned 
adj. maldito, condenado; maldecido
s. condenado; aborrecible, detestable; maldito
French English To French - damned 
adj. damné, maudit
adv. vachement, rudement, diablement; extrêmement
n. maudit, injurant
German English To German - damned 
[damn] v. verurteilen; verdammen, verwünschen
adj. verdammt, verflucht
adv. extrem, sehr, hoch
Italian English To Italian - damned 
agg. dannato; maledetto; assoluto, perfetto, completo; il più straordinario, il più eccezionale
avv. terribilmente, maledettamente
s. (Teol) dannato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - damned 
adj. amaldiçoado, maldito
adv. extremamente, muitíssimo
s. maldito, amaldiçoado
Russian English To Russian - damned 
прил. ужасный, отвратительный; адский; осужденный; проклятый, чертовский
с. проклятый
Turkish English To Turkish - damned 
s. allah'ın belâsı, lanet olası, kahrolası, lanetli, lânetlenmiş; iğrenç
zf. çok, fazlasıyla, son derece, aşırı
ünl. allah belasını versin, allah kahretsin
Albanian English To Albanian - damned 
adj. dënuar: i dënuar, dreq: i dreqit, neveritshëm: i neveritshëm
Dutch English To Dutch - damned 
bn. vervloekt; bevloekt
zn. verdomd
Greek English To Greek - damned 
επίθ. καταραμένος, κολασμένος
επίρ. τρομερά
ChineseS English To ChineseS - damned 
(形) 打入地狱的, 被诅咒的; 讨厌的; 可恶的; 糟透的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - damned 
(形) 打入地獄的, 被詛咒的; 討厭的; 可惡的; 糟透的
Japanese English To Japanese - damned 
(形) 地獄に落とされた; 忌々しい
(名) 地獄に落ちた霊魂
(副) とても, 大変
Korean English To Korean - damned 
형. 저주 받은, 넌더리나는
명. 저주받은 것 또는 사람
noun: people who are condemned to eternal punishment Example:He felt he had visited the realm of the damned.
adjective: in danger of the eternal punishment of hell Example:Poor damned souls.
adjective: expletives used informally as intensifiers Example:I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing.
adverb: in a damnable manner.


 Synonyms for damned
1. swear word: blasted, bloody
2. condemned to hell: condemned, cursed, accursed, unfortunate, unhappy, infernal, reprobate

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