Definition of deadlocked Pronunciation
1. At a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions.
The chess game ended with white stalemated.
The two factions are deadlocked over fringe benefits.
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English - English - deadlocked Pronunciation
adj. stalemated, brought to a standstill, at an impasse
English - Spanish - deadlocked Pronunciation
adj. en un punto muerto, estancado, sin salida
English - French - deadlocked Pronunciation
adj. dans une impasse
English - German - deadlocked Pronunciation
[deadlock] v. an einen toten Punkt bringen; blockieren; stecken bleiben
adj. stecken geblieben
English - Indonesian - deadlocked Pronunciation
adj. buntu
English - Italian - deadlocked Pronunciation
agg. persona che si trova in un vicolo cieco
English - Portuguese - deadlocked Pronunciation
adj. que entrou num beco sem saída
English - Turkish - deadlocked Pronunciation
s. çıkmaza girmiş
English - Ukrainian - deadlocked Pronunciation
v. зайти в тупик
English - Dutch - deadlocked Pronunciation
bn. impasse
English - Arabic - deadlocked Pronunciation
إنتهى إلى ورطة
English - Chinese - deadlocked Pronunciation
(形) 陷入僵局的; 僵持的
English - Chinese - deadlocked Pronunciation
(形) 陷入僵局的; 僵持的
English - Japanese - deadlocked Pronunciation
(形) 行き詰まった
(動) 行き詰まる
English - Korean - deadlocked Pronunciation
형. 궁지에 몰린, 교착상태에 빠진, 이러지도 저러지도 못하는

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Synonyms for deadlocked
unresolved: pending, tentative, indeterminate, uncertain, hanging