Definition of deal out Pronunciation
1. To not deal cards to someone who is leaving a game.
Deal me out of this round: I have to make a phone call.
2. To dole out or distribute (something).
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English - English - deal out Pronunciation
English - Spanish - deal out Pronunciation
v. repartir
English - French - deal out Pronunciation
deal out vtsep distribuer (des vivres, des dons) (to, among, entre); donner, distribuer (les cartes);
English - German - deal out Pronunciation
v. verteilen, ausgeben
English - Italian - deal out Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - deal out Pronunciation
v. repartir
English - Russian - deal out Pronunciation
распределять, раздавать
English - Turkish - deal out Pronunciation
pay etmek, dağıtmak
English - Korean - deal out Pronunciation
분배하다, 도르다

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Synonyms for deal out
apportion: allot, parcel out, mete out, give out, dispense, distribute