Definition of decay Pronunciation
1. The process or result of being gradually decomposed.
2. A deterioration of condition.
3. To deteriorate, to get worse, to lose strength or health, to decline in quality.
The pair loved to take pictures in the decaying hospital on forty-third street.
1. Of storage media or the data on them To undergo bit rot, that is, gradual degradation.
2. Of software To undergo software rot, that is, to fail to be updated in a changing environment,so as to eventually become legacy or obsolete.
3. Of a satellite's orbit To undergo prolonged reduction in altitude (above the orbited body).
2009, Francis Lyall, Paul B. Larsen, Space Law: A Treatise, page 120:
4. To rot, to go bad.
The cat's body decayed rapidly.
5. To change by undergoing fission, by emitting radiation, or by capturing or losing one or more electrons.
6. To undergo optical decay, that is, to relax to a less excited state, usually by emitting a photon or phonon.
7. Loss of airspeed due to drag.
8. To cause to rot or deteriorate.
The extreme humidity decayed the wooden sculptures in the museum's collection in a matter of years.
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English - English - decay Pronunciation
n. rot, putrefaction, decomposition
v. rot, decompose; deteriorate, waste away
English - Spanish - decay Pronunciation
s. descomposición, putrefacción; caries, cariadura; decadencia, decaimiento, descaecimiento, mengua
v. corromperse, cariarse, descomponerse, encarroñarse, malearse, pudrirse; decaer, caer en decadencia, declinar, menguar, perecer, venir a menos; ser decadente
English - French - decay Pronunciation
n. pourriture, putréfaction
v. faire pourrir; dégénérer
English - German - decay Pronunciation
n. Verfall, Zerfall; Fäulnis; Verrotten
v. verfallen, verfaulen, verrotten
English - Italian - decay Pronunciation
s. decomposizione, imputridimento; marciume; (fig) decadimento, decadenza, declino; deperimento, indebolimento, calo; (Fis) disintegrazione; (Dent) carie
v. decomporsi, marcire, guastarsi, imputridire; (fig) deperire, indebolirsi; decadere, deteriorarsi, declinare; (fig) andare in rovina; (Fis) disintegrarsi; (Dent) cariarsi
English - Portuguese - decay Pronunciation
s. decadência
v. decair; sacrificar
English - Russian - decay Pronunciation
с. гниение, разложение, разрушение; распад, загнивание, тление
г. гнить, разлагаться, ветшать, истлевать, портиться
English - Turkish - decay Pronunciation
f. çürütmek, çürümek, bozmak, bozulmak; zayıflamak, halsiz düşmek; parçalanmak, dağılmak; azalmak
i. bozulma, çürüme, çürük, çürütme; zayıflama; ayrışma; çöküş, yıkılma, yıkılış; düşkünlük;
English - Dutch - decay Pronunciation
zn. verval, bederf
ww. vervallen, rotten
English - Greek - decay Pronunciation
ουσ. σαπίζω, παρακμάζω, φθορά, σήψη, παρακμή, σαπίλα, αποσύνθεση, σάπισμα
ρήμ. φθίνω
English - Chinese - decay Pronunciation
(名) 腐朽, 腐烂; 衰败; 蛀牙; 衰退
(动) 腐朽, 腐烂; 衰败; 蛀蚀; 衰退; 使腐朽, 使腐烂; 使蛀坏
English - Chinese - decay Pronunciation
(名) 腐朽, 腐爛; 衰敗; 蛀牙; 衰退
(動) 腐朽, 腐爛; 衰敗; 蛀蝕; 衰退; 使腐朽, 使腐爛; 使蛀壞
English - Japanese - decay Pronunciation
(動) 腐る; 虫歯にする; 朽ちる; 衰える
(名) 腐食; 虫歯; 衰退; 崩壊
English - Korean - decay Pronunciation
명. 부식, 부패
동. 부식하다, 부패하다; 퇴화하다, 시들어 떨어지다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for decay
Present participle: decaying
Present: decay (3.person: decays)
Past: decayed
Future: will decay
Present conditional: would decay
Present Perfect: have decayed (3.person: has decayed)
Past Perfect: had decayed
Future Perfect: will have decayed
Past conditional: would have decayed