Definition of deception Pronunciation
1. An instance of actions and/or schemes fabricated to mislead and/or delude someone into errantly believing a lie or inaccuracy.
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English - English - deception Pronunciation
n. deceit, fraud, misleading act
n. disappointment, letdown, chagrin, frustration; anticlimax; damp; discomfiture; sell
English - Spanish - deception Pronunciation
s. decepción, chasco, desengaño, desilusión, fiasco; embaucamiento, engañifa, falacia, farsa, impostura
English - French - deception Pronunciation
n. tromperie, supercherie, fraude; déception
English - German - deception Pronunciation
n. Täuschung, Irreführung; Grausamkeit
English - Italian - deception Pronunciation
s. inganno, l'ingannare; frode, raggiro, sotterfugio
English - Portuguese - deception Pronunciation
s. decepção, engano, indução em erro, burla
English - Russian - deception Pronunciation
с. обман, жульничество, хитрость, ложь
English - Turkish - deception Pronunciation
i. kandırma, aldatma, dalavere, hile, aldanma; ayartma; kanma; utanç
English - Dutch - deception Pronunciation
zn. oplichting, misleid; teleurstelling
English - Greek - deception Pronunciation
ουσ. τέχνασμα, απάτη, κατεργαριά, εξαπάτηση
English - Chinese - deception Pronunciation
(名) 欺骗; 诡计
English - Chinese - deception Pronunciation
(名) 欺騙; 詭計
English - Japanese - deception Pronunciation
(名) ごまかし; 詐欺
English - Korean - deception Pronunciation
명. 속임, 기만 , 사기

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Synonyms for deception
1. hoax: artifice, chicane, cheat, chicanery, illusion
2. deceiving: trickery, mendacity, craftiness