Definition of decertification Pronunciation
1. The act or process of decertifying.
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English - English - decertification Pronunciation
n. cancelling of a licence, removal of a certification
English - Spanish - decertification Pronunciation
s. quitar el registro
English - French - decertification Pronunciation
n. annulation d'un permis
English - German - decertification Pronunciation
n. Bescheinigungsentzug
English - Italian - decertification Pronunciation
s. annullamento di documento o certificato
English - Portuguese - decertification Pronunciation
s. cancelamento de licença
English - Russian - decertification Pronunciation
аннулирование полномочий профсоюза правительством
English - Dutch - decertification Pronunciation
zn. ontzegging van bewijs
English - Japanese - decertification Pronunciation
(名) 証明取り消し

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