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English English - Definition of decided 
adj. definite, clear, absolute
Spanish English To Spanish - decided 
adj. decidido, resoluto, resuelto a; bien definido, definitivo
French English To French - decided 
adj. décidé, clair, net, résolu, catégorique
German English To German - decided 
[decide] v. entscheiden, bestimmen, ausmachen
adj. entschieden, klar, entschlossen
Italian English To Italian - decided 
agg. netto, definito, chiaro, deciso; risoluto, fermo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - decided 
adj. decidido, assertivo, claro
Russian English To Russian - decided 
прил. определенный, окончательный, решенный, решительный, бесспорный
Turkish English To Turkish - decided 
s. kararlaştırılmış; kararlı, azimli; kesin; açık; tartışmasız, şüphesiz
Albanian English To Albanian - decided 
adj. vendosur: i vendosur, përcaktuar: i përcaktuar, padyshimtë: i padyshimtë
adv. vendosur
Dutch English To Dutch - decided 
bn. beslissend, duidelijk, uitgesproken
Greek English To Greek - decided 
επίθ. αναμφισβήτητος, αποφασιστικός, αποφασισμένος, ξεκάθαρος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - decided 
(形) 确定的; 坚决的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - decided 
(形) 確定的; 堅決的
Japanese English To Japanese - decided 
(形) 明白な; 断固とした
(動) 決める; 判断する; 決着をつける; 決定づける
Korean English To Korean - decided 
형. 결정된, 분명한
adjective: recognizable; marked Example:At a distinct (or decided) disadvantage.


 Synonyms for decided
1. determined: destined, settled, decisive, fated, resolute, intent, resolved
2. certain: positive, absolute, clear, assured, categorical, clear-cut, definite

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