Definitions and translations for "declare"

Definition of declare

1. To make clear, explain, interpret.
2. To make a declaration.
3. To announce one’s support, choice, opinion, etc.
He declared him innocent.
4. For the captain of the batting side to announce the innings complete even though all batsmen have not been dismissed.
5. To announce something formally or officially.
Declare bankruptcy
Declare victory
Cricket declare (an innings) closed
6. For a constituency in an election to officially announce the result
Houghton and Sunderland South was the first constituency to declare in the 2015 general election.
7. To affirm or state something emphatically.
8. To inform government customs or taxation officials of goods one is importing or of income, expenses, or other circumstances affecting one's taxes.
9. To make outstanding debts, e.g. taxes, payable.
10. To explicitly include (a variable) as part of a list of variables, often providing some information about the data it is expected to contain.
The counter "i" was declared as an integer.
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English - English - declare

v. proclaim, make a statement
v. declare, state, proclaim, profess, say, report, aver, predicate, represent, return, cut open, rule, register, adjudge, certify
adj. declared, professed, avowed, overt

English - Spanish - declare

v. declarar, afirmar, alegar, asegurar, aseverar, enunciar, manifestar, poner de manifiesto, proclamar, profesar, promulgar, sacar al aire, testificar; anunciar

Spanish - English - declare

[declarar] v. declare, proclaim; state, pronounce; bid; testify; adjudicate

English - French - declare

v. déclarer, proclamer

English - German - declare

v. erklären; zugeben; verkünden, kundtun, proklamieren, behaupten, deklarieren, anmelden

English - Indonesian - declare

v. mengumumkan, mempermaklumkan, menyatakan, menyebuntukan, menganggap, menerangkan, mempertahukan, melaporkan

English - Italian - declare

v. dichiarare, rendere noto; annunciare, proclamare; affermare

English - Polish - declare

v. oznajmiać, ogłosić, deklarować, zadeklarować rzeczy do oclenia, oświadczać, powiedzieć, wypowiadać, wyznać, kolor: zapowiadać kolor w kartach, oświadczać się, zastrzec się, ogłaszać, oświadczyć, wypowiedzieć, wyznawać

English - Portuguese - declare

v. declarar; afirmar; explicar

English - Romanian - declare

v. declara, spune, zice, afirma, mărturisi, proclama, exprima

English - Russian - declare

г. заявлять, объявлять, провозглашать; признавать, объявлять козырь; показывать; выражать, высказываться; свидетельствовать; описывать

English - Turkish - declare

f. açıklamak, beyan etmek, ifade vermek, ilan etmek, bildirmek; fikrini belirtmek, deklârasyon yapmak; afişe etmek

English - Ukrainian - declare

v. оголошувати, проголошувати, визнавати, оголошувати козир, виголосити, виповідати, висвідчати, заявляти, освідчитися

English - Dutch - declare

ww. verklaren; opgeven; aangeven

English - Greek - declare

ρήμ. δηλώ, αναγγέλλω, κηρύττω, δηλώνω, διακηρύσσω, ανακηρύσσω

English - Arabic - declare

‏صرح، أعلن، ظهر، أكد، أعلن بشكل عام‏

English - Chinese - declare

(动) 断言; 宣布; 宣称; 声明, 表示

English - Chinese - declare

(動) 斷言; 宣佈; 宣稱; 聲明, 表示

English - Hindi - declare

v. एलान करना, घोषणा करना, एलान कर देना, घोषणा कर देना, विज्ञापन करना, पहचानना, मानना, स्पष्ट बता देना, प्रमाणित करना, प्रकट करना

English - Japanese - declare

(動) 宣言する; 布告する; 断言する; 申告する

English - Korean - declare

동. 선언하다, 포고하다, 언명하다, 단언하다, 알리다

English - Vietnamese - declare

v. tuyên bố, tuyên cáo, tuyên ngôn, quả quyết, xác nhận, khai hàng hóa, chịu thua trước
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Synonyms for declare
1. announce: swear, expound, proclaim, pronounce
2. maintain: express, affirm, allege, assert, advocate, mention, asseverate
3. disclose: confess, advertise, manifest, avow, publish, notify
Verb forms for declare
Present participle: declaring
Present: declare (3.person: declares)
Past: declared
Future: will declare
Present conditional: would declare
Present Perfect: have declared (3.person: has declared)
Past Perfect: had declared
Future Perfect: will have declared
Past conditional: would have declared