Definition of decode Pronunciation
1. A product of decoding
2. Output from a program or device used to interpret communication protocols
3. To convert from an encrypted form to plain text.
The cryptographer decoded the secret message and sent the result to the officer.
4. To figure out something difficult to interpret.
I finally managed to decode the nearly illegible doctor's prescription.
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English - English - decode Pronunciation
v. interpret a code, find the meaning of a code
v. decode; find the meaning of a code (Computers)
English - Spanish - decode Pronunciation
v. decodificar, descifrar, descodificar
English - French - decode Pronunciation
v. décoder, interpréter; se traduire
English - German - decode Pronunciation
v. entziffern, dechiffrieren, entschlüsseln
English - Indonesian - decode Pronunciation
v. membaca sandi
English - Italian - decode Pronunciation
v. decifrare; (Inform) decodificare
English - Polish - decode Pronunciation
v. rozszyfrować, odszyfrować, odcyfrować
English - Portuguese - decode Pronunciation
v. decifrar, traduzir
English - Romanian - decode Pronunciation
v. descifra, decodifica
English - Russian - decode Pronunciation
г. расшифровывать, декодировать
English - Turkish - decode Pronunciation
f. deşifre etmek, kod çözmek, şifreyi çözmek
English - Ukrainian - decode Pronunciation
v. розшифровувати, розкодовувати
English - Dutch - decode Pronunciation
ww. decoderen, ontcijferen
English - Greek - decode Pronunciation
ρήμ. αποκρυπτογραφώ
English - Arabic - decode Pronunciation
‏حل الشفرة، ترجم رسالة شفرية‏
English - Chinese - decode Pronunciation
(动) 解码; 译解
English - Chinese - decode Pronunciation
(動) 解碼; 譯解
English - Hindi - decode Pronunciation
v. ख़ुफ़िया लेख को पढ़ना, गुप्त लेख को पढ़ना, समझाना, व्याख्या करना, गूढ़ाक्षरों को स्पष्ट करना, छिपे को खोलना, गूढ़वाचन करना, गूढ़लिपि पढ़ना
English - Japanese - decode Pronunciation
(動) 解読する
English - Korean - decode Pronunciation
동. 암호를 풀다, 코드의 뜻을 파악하다
English - Vietnamese - decode Pronunciation
n. mã dịch

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Synonyms for decode
decipher: work out, do, solve
Verb forms for decode
Present participle: decoding
Present: decode (3.person: decodes)
Past: decoded
Future: will decode
Present conditional: would decode
Present Perfect: have decoded (3.person: has decoded)
Past Perfect: had decoded
Future Perfect: will have decoded
Past conditional: would have decoded