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English English - Definition of decode 
v. interpret a code, find the meaning of a code
v. decode; find the meaning of a code (Computers)
Spanish English To Spanish - decode 
v. decodificar, descifrar, descodificar
French English To French - decode 
v. décoder, interpréter; se traduire
German English To German - decode 
v. entziffern, dechiffrieren, entschlüsseln
Italian English To Italian - decode 
v. decifrare; (Inform) decodificare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - decode 
v. decifrar, traduzir
Russian English To Russian - decode 
г. расшифровывать, декодировать
Turkish English To Turkish - decode 
f. deşifre etmek, kod çözmek, şifreyi çözmek
Albanian English To Albanian - decode 
v. deshifroj, çkodoj
Dutch English To Dutch - decode 
ww. decoderen, ontcijferen
Greek English To Greek - decode 
ρήμ. αποκρυπτογραφώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - decode 
(动) 解码; 译解
ChineseT English To ChineseT - decode 
(動) 解碼; 譯解
Japanese English To Japanese - decode 
(動) 解読する
Korean English To Korean - decode 
동. 암호를 풀다, 코드의 뜻을 파악하다
verb: convert code into ordinary language


 Synonyms for decode
decipher: work out, do, solve
Tenses for decode
Present participle: decoding
Present: decode (3.person: decodes)
Past: decoded
Future: will decode
Present conditional: would decode
Present Perfect: have decoded (3.person: has decoded)
Past Perfect: had decoded
Future Perfect: will have decoded
Past conditional: would have decoded

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