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English English - Definition of deepness 
n. depth
Spanish English To Spanish - deepness 
s. profundidad, hondura
French English To French - deepness 
n. profondeur
German English To German - deepness 
n. Tiefe
Italian English To Italian - deepness 
s. profondità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - deepness 
s. profundeza, profundidade
Russian English To Russian - deepness 
с. глубина, глубь
Turkish English To Turkish - deepness 
i. derinlik; koyuluk; karanlık; enginlik; akıllılık, zekâ; boğukluk
Albanian English To Albanian - deepness 
n. thellësi
Dutch English To Dutch - deepness 
zn. diepte
Greek English To Greek - deepness 
ουσ. βάθος, ένταση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - deepness 
(名) 深度
ChineseT English To ChineseT - deepness 
(名) 深度
Japanese English To Japanese - deepness 
(名) 深さ; 濃さ; 低さ
Korean English To Korean - deepness 
명. 깊이, 현묘
noun: a low pitch that is loud and voluminous
noun: the quality of being physically deep.


 Synonyms for deepness
depth: pitch, drop, bottom

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