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English English - Definition of dele 
n. instruction to delete (printer's symbol)
v. delete, permanently remove, erase, blot out; mark for deletion
v. give; present; deal; produce, yield; cause; perform; say; take; teach; lecture; start, begin; overlook; surrender
Spanish English To Spanish - dele 
s. dele, deleátur
v. tachar, marcar como borrado
French English To French - dele 
n. annuler (du latin deleo); signe d'annulation en imprimerie
v. annuler (du latin deleo); destiné à être effacé (en correction d'épreuves d'imprimerie)
German English To German - dele 
n. Löschungszeichen (beim Druck)
v. löschen; zum Löschen kennzeichnen (bei Druckangelegenheiten)
Italian English To Italian - dele 
s. deleatur
v. (Tip) cancellare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - dele 
s. sinal de deleção, sinal de apagamento (em impressão)
v. apagar, deletar; assinalar para ser apagado ou deletado (na edição de material impresso)
Russian English To Russian - dele 
с. корректурный знак выброски
г. вычеркивать группу знаков, вычеркивать знак
Turkish English To Turkish - dele 
f. silmek [dakt.], silme işareti
ünl. sil, boz
English Portuguese To English - dele 
pron. his, its
English Albanian To English - dele 
n. ewe, fold, tup
Dutch English To Dutch - dele 
zn. wegvallen van letter (in druk)
ww. wegvallen (in uitspraak), wegstrepen (in druk)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - dele 
(名) 删除符号
(动) 删除; 削除
ChineseT English To ChineseT - dele 
(名) 刪除符號
(動) 刪除; 削除
Japanese English To Japanese - dele 
(動) 削除する
(名) 削除記号(印刷記号)
German Spanish To German - dele 
n. deleatur
(imperative sing.) Erase; remove; -- a direction to cancel something which has been put in type; usually expressed by a peculiar form of d, thus: /.
(v.) To deal; to divide; to distribute.
(v.) To erase; to cancel; to delete; to mark for omission.


Tenses for dele
Present participle: deleing
Present: dele (3.person: deles)
Past: deled
Future: will dele
Present conditional: would dele
Present Perfect: have deled (3.person: has deled)
Past Perfect: had deled
Future Perfect: will have deled
Past conditional: would have deled

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