Definition of delist Pronunciation
1. To remove from an official register or list.
When the company failed to file its financial statements, it was delisted by the Stock Exchange.
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English - English - delist Pronunciation
v. delete from a list; take off a person or something from a list; (Stock Exchange) remove stock from listing
English - Spanish - delist Pronunciation
excluir, suprimir, desenlistar
English - German - delist Pronunciation
v. von einer Liste löschen; etwas von einer Liste löschen; (Aktienbörse) eine Aktie delisten
English - Italian - delist Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - delist Pronunciation
v. retirar de uma lista; retirar uma pessoa ou algo de uma lista; (Bolsa de Valores) remover as ações de uma lista
English - Russian - delist Pronunciation
(v) вычеркивать из списка; снимать акции с котировки на бирже; снять акции с котировки на бирже

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Verb forms for delist
Present participle: delisting
Present: delist (3.person: delists)
Past: delisted
Future: will delist
Present conditional: would delist
Present Perfect: have delisted (3.person: has delisted)
Past Perfect: had delisted
Future Perfect: will have delisted
Past conditional: would have delisted