Definition of delusive Pronunciation
1. Producing delusions.
2. Delusional.
3. Inappropriate to reality; forming part of a delusion.
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English - English - delusive Pronunciation
adj. delusional, misleading, deceptive; illusive
English - Spanish - delusive Pronunciation
adj. engañoso, alucinador, deceptivo
English - French - delusive Pronunciation
adj. illusoire; trompeur
English - German - delusive Pronunciation
adj. irreführend, trügerisch
English - Italian - delusive Pronunciation
agg. ingannevole, illusorio, fallace
English - Portuguese - delusive Pronunciation
adj. ilusório; equivocado; enganador
English - Russian - delusive Pronunciation
прил. обманчивый, иллюзорный, нереальный
English - Turkish - delusive Pronunciation
s. aldatıcı, asılsız, hayali, gerçek dışı
English - Dutch - delusive Pronunciation
bn. bedriegelijk; misleidend
English - Greek - delusive Pronunciation
επίθ. απατηλός, ψεύτικος
English - Chinese - delusive Pronunciation
(形) 使迷惑的; 欺瞒的
English - Chinese - delusive Pronunciation
(形) 使迷惑的; 欺瞞的
English - Japanese - delusive Pronunciation
(形) 人を惑わせる; 偽りの; 妄想の
English - Korean - delusive Pronunciation
형. 현혹시키는, 기만적인, 알쏭달쏭한; 망상적인

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Synonyms for delusive
false: artful, deceitful, hypocritical, beguiling, deceiving, plausible, deceptive