Definition of demarcation Pronunciation
1. The act of marking off a boundary or setting a limit, notably by belligerents signing a treaty or ceasefire.
2. A limit thus fixed, in full demarcation line.
3. Any strictly defined separation
There is an alleged, in fact somewhat artificial demarcation in the type of work done by members of different trade unions.
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English - English - demarcation Pronunciation
n. delimitation, marking off the boundaries of, setting of borders
n. demarcation, dividing line
English - Spanish - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcación, amojonamiento, definición, delimitación, deslindamiento, deslinde
English - French - demarcation Pronunciation
n. délimitation, démarcation
English - German - demarcation Pronunciation
n. Demarkierung, Ziehen der Trennungslinie, Eingrenzung
English - Indonesian - demarcation Pronunciation
n. demarkasi, pembatasan, batasan, sempadan
English - Italian - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcazione, delimitazione
English - Polish - demarcation Pronunciation
n. odgraniczenie, rozgraniczenie, demarkacja
English - Portuguese - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcação
English - Romanian - demarcation Pronunciation
n. delimitare, demarcaţie
English - Russian - demarcation Pronunciation
с. демаркация, разграничение
English - Turkish - demarcation Pronunciation
i. sınır çekme, sınırını belirleme
English - Ukrainian - demarcation Pronunciation
n. демаркація, розмежування, відмежування
English - Dutch - demarcation Pronunciation
zn. afbakening, begrenzing
English - Greek - demarcation Pronunciation
ουσ. οροθεσία, διαχωρισμός
English - Arabic - demarcation Pronunciation
‏تعيين الحدود، خط تماس، إتخام، فصل، فرد‏
English - Chinese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 划界; 区别
English - Chinese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 劃界; 區別
English - Hindi - demarcation Pronunciation
n. सीमानिर्धारण, सीमारेखा का निर्धारन, विभाग, सरहदबंदी, निश्‍िचत सीमा
English - Japanese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 境界; 区分; 境界画定; 管轄
English - Korean - demarcation Pronunciation
명. 경계, 경계 결정, 한계 결정
English - Vietnamese - demarcation Pronunciation
n. chia biên giới, vạch biên giới

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Synonyms for demarcation
1. division: distinction, separation, differentiation, split
2. boundary: separation, margin, terminus, confine