n. delimitation, marking off the boundaries of, setting of borders
n. demarcation, dividing line
English - Spanish - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcación, amojonamiento, definición, delimitación, deslindamiento, deslinde
English - French - demarcation Pronunciation
n. délimitation, démarcation
English - German - demarcation Pronunciation
n. Demarkierung, Ziehen der Trennungslinie, Eingrenzung
English - Italian - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcazione, delimitazione
English - Portuguese - demarcation Pronunciation
s. demarcação
English - Russian - demarcation Pronunciation
с. демаркация, разграничение
English - Turkish - demarcation Pronunciation
i. sınır çekme, sınırını belirleme
English - Albanian - demarcation Pronunciation
n. kufi, caktim
English - Dutch - demarcation Pronunciation
zn. afbakening, begrenzing
English - Greek - demarcation Pronunciation
ουσ. οροθεσία, διαχωρισμός
English - Chinese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 划界; 区别
English - Chinese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 劃界; 區別
English - Japanese - demarcation Pronunciation
(名) 境界; 区分; 境界画定; 管轄
English - Korean - demarcation Pronunciation
명. 경계, 경계 결정, 한계 결정
noun: the boundary of a specific area
noun: a conceptual separation or demarcation
noun: the boundary of a specific area.
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Synonyms for demarcation
1. division: distinction, separation, differentiation, split
2. boundary: separation, margin, terminus, confine