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English English - Definition of demonstrative 
adj. expressive, demonstrating emotions or opinions; serving to explain or illustrate
adj. demonstrative, serving to explain or illustrate; expressive
adj. demonstrative, effusive
Spanish English To Spanish - demonstrative 
adj. demostrativo, expresivo
French English To French - demonstrative 
adj. démonstratif
German English To German - demonstrative 
adj. demonstrativ, hinweisend; offen
Italian English To Italian - demonstrative 
agg. espansivo; aperto, sincero; dimostrativo, esplicativo; probante; definitivo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - demonstrative 
adj. demostrativo; expansivo
Russian English To Russian - demonstrative 
прил. наглядный, показательный, демонстративный, сопровождаемый показом, убедительный, доказательный, экспансивный, несдержанный, указательный
Turkish English To Turkish - demonstrative 
s. kesin olarak ispatlayan, inandırıcı; göze çarpan, belirtici; hislerini açığa vuran
i. işaret zamiri
Albanian English To Albanian - demonstrative 
adj. provues, demonstrativ, papërmbajtur: i papërmbajtur, dëftor [gjuh.]
Dutch English To Dutch - demonstrative 
bn. demonstratief; open
Greek English To Greek - demonstrative 
επίθ. αποδεικτικός, εκδηλωτικός, διαχυτικός
Dutch German To Dutch - demonstrative 
aanschouwelijk ,aanschouwelijke
ChineseS English To ChineseS - demonstrative 
(形) 说明的; 指示的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - demonstrative 
(形) 說明的; 指示的
Japanese English To Japanese - demonstrative 
(形) 例証的な; 証明する; 大げさな; 指示の
Korean English To Korean - demonstrative 
형. 표현하는, 감정이나 의견을 나타내는; 설명하거나 묘사하는
noun: a pronoun that points out an intended referent
adjective: serving to demonstrate
adjective: given to or marked by the open expression of emotion Example:An affectionate and demonstrative family.


 Synonyms for demonstrative
1. decisive: specific, convincing
2. outgoing: expansive, expressive, illustrative, unconstrained, unreserved, unrestrained
3. affectionate: warm-hearted, tender

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