Definition of dendrological Pronunciation
1. Of, pertaining to dendrology
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English - English - dendrological Pronunciation
adj. of the study of trees and shrubs (Botany)
English - Spanish - dendrological Pronunciation
adj. dendrológico, referente a la rama de la botánica que estudia árboles y arbustos
English - French - dendrological Pronunciation
adj. dendrologique (de théorie des arbres et arbustes en botanique)
English - German - dendrological Pronunciation
adj. dendrologisch (Baum- und Gehölzkunde betreffend)
English - Italian - dendrological Pronunciation
agg. dendrologico (relativo allo studio di alberi in botanica)
English - Portuguese - dendrological Pronunciation
adj. dendrológico (referente ao estudo das árvores e arbustos em botânica)
English - Russian - dendrological Pronunciation
English - Dutch - dendrological Pronunciation
bn. dendrologisch (van bomen en struikenleer in botanica)
English - Japanese - dendrological Pronunciation
(形) 樹木学の(植物学)

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