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English Portuguese To English - depravado 
adj. rep, type of ribbed fabric made from silk cotton or wool
English Spanish To English - depravado 
n. depraved person, corrupt person, dishonest person
French Portuguese To French - depravado 
1. (comportamento moral) dépravé; perverti; dissolu; débauché; dévergondé; licencieux
2. (comportamento) corrompu
3. (imoral) corrompu; dépravé
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - depravado 
adj. 狠毒 (hen3 du2), 腐敗的 (fu3 baı4 de5)
French Spanish To French - depravado 
(conducta moral) dépravé; perverti
German Spanish To German - depravado 
a. lasterhaft, verkommen, verworfen, verdorben, verderbt
Korean Spanish To Korean - depravado 
adj. 악덕한, 타락한
Russian Spanish To Russian - depravado 
adj. порочный


 Synonyms for depravado
pervertido: dissoluto, devasso, licencioso, libertino, corrupto, imoral, descaminhado

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