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English English - Definition of depreciation 
n. devaluation, reduction in value (of an item or a currency)
n. depreciation, disparagement
Spanish English To Spanish - depreciation 
s. depreciación, desvalorización, devaluación; apocamiento, menosprecio
French English To French - depreciation 
n. dépréciation, dévalorisation
German English To German - depreciation 
n. Abwertung, Wertverminderung
Italian English To Italian - depreciation 
s. (Econ) svalutazione, deprezzamento; ammortamento; discredito, denigrazione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - depreciation 
s. depreciação, desdém; queda de preço, barateamento
Russian English To Russian - depreciation 
с. обесценивание, снижение стоимости, умаление, уничижение, пренебрежение, амортизация, изнашивание
Turkish English To Turkish - depreciation 
i. küçültme, değerini düşürme, değeri düşme, amortisman
Albanian English To Albanian - depreciation 
n. zhvlerësim, ulje çmimi, përçmim, gërryerje, nënvlerësim, amortizim
Dutch English To Dutch - depreciation 
zn. waardevermindering
Greek English To Greek - depreciation 
ουσ. απαξίωση, απόσβεση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - depreciation 
(名) 降价, 跌价; 轻视, 贬低; 贬值; 折旧
ChineseT English To ChineseT - depreciation 
(名) 降價, 跌價; 輕視, 貶低; 貶值; 折舊
Japanese English To Japanese - depreciation 
(名) 下落(物や通貨の)
Korean English To Korean - depreciation 
명. 가치 하락, 감가 상각, 화폐가치의 저하
noun: a decrease in price or value Example:Depreciation of the dollar against the yen.
noun: decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use
noun: a communication that belittles somebody or something.


 Synonyms for depreciation
detraction: aspersion, disparagement, debasement, lie, degradation

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