Definition of deprivation Pronunciation
1. The act of depriving, dispossessing, or bereaving; the act of deposing or divesting of some dignity.
2. The state of being deprived; privation; loss; want; bereavement.
3. The taking away from a clergyman of his benefice, or other spiritual promotion or dignity.
4. Lack
He was suffering from deprivation of sleep.
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English - English - deprivation Pronunciation
n. taking away; lack, deficiency
English - Spanish - deprivation Pronunciation
s. deprivación, pobreza absoluta; abstención total
English - French - deprivation Pronunciation
n. privation, manque; destitution
English - German - deprivation Pronunciation
n. Hinderung, Entzug
English - Indonesian - deprivation Pronunciation
n. pencabutan, perampasan, kehilangan, kerugian
English - Italian - deprivation Pronunciation
s. privazione; perdita; destituzione
English - Polish - deprivation Pronunciation
n. pozbawienie, utrata, odjęcie
English - Portuguese - deprivation Pronunciation
s. deprivação, falta, escassez
English - Romanian - deprivation Pronunciation
n. lipsire, privaţiune, pierdere
English - Russian - deprivation Pronunciation
с. лишение, отнятие, потеря, лишение бенефиция
English - Turkish - deprivation Pronunciation
i. yoksunluk, mahrumiyet, mahrum etme, ihtiyaç
English - Ukrainian - deprivation Pronunciation
n. позбавлення, відібрання, втрата
German - English - deprivation Pronunciation
n. taking away; lack, deficiency
English - Dutch - deprivation Pronunciation
zn. belemmering, gebrek
English - Greek - deprivation Pronunciation
ουσ. αποστέρηση, στέρηση
German - Turkish - deprivation Pronunciation
mahrumiyet, yoksunluk
English - Arabic - deprivation Pronunciation
‏فقدان، حرمان، نقص، تجريد من الرتبة الكنيسية، الحرمان‏
English - Chinese - deprivation Pronunciation
(名) 剥夺, 免职, 剥夺官职
English - Chinese - deprivation Pronunciation
(名) 剝奪, 免職, 剝奪官職
English - Hindi - deprivation Pronunciation
n. नाश, क्षय, नुक़सान, हानि, अपहरण, पृथक्करण
English - Japanese - deprivation Pronunciation
(名) 剥奪; 喪失
English - Korean - deprivation Pronunciation
명. 박탈, 파면; 손실
English - Vietnamese - deprivation Pronunciation
n. sự cách chức, lột chức, bải chức, bị tước quyền, mất quyền lợi
German - Chinese - deprivation Pronunciation

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Synonyms for deprivation
loss: forfeiture, damage, hurt, forfeit, detriment, cost, pain