Definition of deride Pronunciation
1. To harshly mock; ridicule.
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English - English - deride Pronunciation
v. mock, ridicule, sneer
v. cheer up
v. deride, mock, jeer, scoff, sneer, laugh, hoot
English - Spanish - deride Pronunciation
v. ridiculizar, abaldonar, burlarse de, chufar, irrespetar, zaherir
English - French - deride Pronunciation
v. se moquer, tourner en dérision
English - German - deride Pronunciation
v. verspotten
English - Italian - deride Pronunciation
v. deridere, beffare, schernire
English - Portuguese - deride Pronunciation
v. ridicularizar
English - Russian - deride Pronunciation
г. высмеивать, осмеивать, насмехаться
English - Turkish - deride Pronunciation
f. alaya almak, alay etmek
English - Dutch - deride Pronunciation
ww. uitlachen, bespotten
English - Greek - deride Pronunciation
ρήμ. ειρωνεύομαι, χλευάζω, περιγελώ
English - Chinese - deride Pronunciation
(动) 嘲弄, 嘲笑
English - Chinese - deride Pronunciation
(動) 嘲弄, 嘲笑
English - Japanese - deride Pronunciation
(動) あざ笑う
English - Korean - deride Pronunciation
동. 비웃다

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Synonyms for deride
jeer: scoff, gibe, jest, quip
Verb forms for deride
Present participle: deriding
Present: deride (3.person: derides)
Past: derided
Future: will deride
Present conditional: would deride
Present Perfect: have derided (3.person: has derided)
Past Perfect: had derided
Future Perfect: will have derided
Past conditional: would have derided