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English English - Definition of derive 
v. extract, take from a source; obtain through reasoning
n. drift, drifting, driftage, leeway, fin
v. divert, deflect, derive, sidetrack, be adrift, shunt, drift
Spanish English To Spanish - derive 
v. derivar, deducir, obtener como resultado; derivarse, descender, provenir
French English To French - derive 
v. dériver, provenir, tirer son origine de; aspirer
German English To German - derive 
v. hervorbringen; herleiten; ableiten
Italian English To Italian - derive 
v. derivare; ricavare, provare, trarre; prendere; far derivare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - derive 
v. derivar, produzir; sugar
Russian English To Russian - derive 
г. получать, извлекать; устанавливать происхождение, происходить, наследовать; выводить; ответвлять, отводить, шунтовать
Turkish English To Turkish - derive 
f. türetmek; sağlamak; çıkarmak; kaynaklanmak
English Spanish To English - derive 
[derivar] v. derive; shunt, divert
Albanian English To Albanian - derive 
v. nxjerr (kënaqësi), përftoj, rrjedh, prejardhje: kam prejardhje, degëzoj, trashëgoj, buron
Dutch English To Dutch - derive 
ww. produceren, afzuigen
Greek English To Greek - derive 
ρήμ. παράγω, εξάγω, παίρνω, βρίσκω, αντλώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - derive 
(动) 得自; 起源
ChineseT English To ChineseT - derive 
(動) 得自; 起源
Japanese English To Japanese - derive 
(動) 得る; 由来する
Korean English To Korean - derive 
동. 끌어내다, 유래하다; 파생하다, 연역적으로 추론하다, 합리성을 통해 얻어내다
verb: obtain Example:Derive pleasure from one's garden.
verb: develop or evolve, especially from a latent or potential state
verb: come from Example:The present name derives from an older form.
verb: come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example
verb: reason by deduction; establish by deduction


 Synonyms for derive
1. obtain: acquire, procure, receive
2. conclude: educe, determine, evolve
Tenses for derive
Present participle: deriving
Present: derive (3.person: derives)
Past: derived
Future: will derive
Present conditional: would derive
Present Perfect: have derived (3.person: has derived)
Past Perfect: had derived
Future Perfect: will have derived
Past conditional: would have derived

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