Definition of derive Pronunciation
1. To obtain or receive (something) from something else.
2. To deduce (a conclusion) by reasoning.
3. To find the derivation of (a word or phrase).
4. To create (a compound) from another by means of a reaction.
5. To originate or stem (from).
6. To turn the course of (water, etc.); to divert and distribute into subordinate channels.
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English - English - derive Pronunciation
v. extract, take from a source; obtain through reasoning
n. drift, drifting, driftage, leeway, fin
v. divert, deflect, derive, sidetrack, be adrift, shunt, drift
English - Spanish - derive Pronunciation
v. derivar, deducir, obtener como resultado; derivarse, descender, provenir
Spanish - English - derive Pronunciation
[derivar] v. derive; shunt, divert
English - French - derive Pronunciation
v. dériver, provenir, tirer son origine de; aspirer
English - German - derive Pronunciation
v. hervorbringen; herleiten; ableiten
English - Italian - derive Pronunciation
v. derivare; ricavare, provare, trarre; prendere; far derivare
English - Portuguese - derive Pronunciation
v. derivar, produzir; sugar
English - Russian - derive Pronunciation
г. получать, извлекать; устанавливать происхождение, происходить, наследовать; выводить; ответвлять, отводить, шунтовать
English - Turkish - derive Pronunciation
f. türetmek; sağlamak; çıkarmak; kaynaklanmak
English - Dutch - derive Pronunciation
ww. produceren, afzuigen
English - Greek - derive Pronunciation
ρήμ. παράγω, εξάγω, παίρνω, βρίσκω, αντλώ
English - Chinese - derive Pronunciation
(动) 得自; 起源
English - Chinese - derive Pronunciation
(動) 得自; 起源
English - Japanese - derive Pronunciation
(動) 得る; 由来する
English - Korean - derive Pronunciation
동. 끌어내다, 유래하다; 파생하다, 연역적으로 추론하다, 합리성을 통해 얻어내다

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Synonyms for derive
1. obtain: acquire, procure, receive
2. conclude: educe, determine, evolve
Verb forms for derive
Present participle: deriving
Present: derive (3.person: derives)
Past: derived
Future: will derive
Present conditional: would derive
Present Perfect: have derived (3.person: has derived)
Past Perfect: had derived
Future Perfect: will have derived
Past conditional: would have derived