Definition of dermal Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to skin or integument.
The dermal muscles in the face are used to form expressions.
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English - English - dermal Pronunciation
adj. of or pertaining to the skin, cutaneous
English - Spanish - dermal Pronunciation
adj. dérmico
English - French - dermal Pronunciation
adj. de cuir, coriace, de l'épiderme
English - German - dermal Pronunciation
adj. Haut betreffend, Kruste betreffend
English - Indonesian - dermal Pronunciation
a. kulit: yg berhubung dgn kulit
English - Italian - dermal Pronunciation
agg. dermico, cutaneo, della pelle
English - Polish - dermal Pronunciation
a. skórny
English - Portuguese - dermal Pronunciation
adj. dérmico, cutâneo
English - Romanian - dermal Pronunciation
a. dermic
English - Russian - dermal Pronunciation
прил. кожный
English - Turkish - dermal Pronunciation
s. deriye ait, alt deriyle ilgili
English - Ukrainian - dermal Pronunciation
a. шкірний, нашкірний
English - Dutch - dermal Pronunciation
bn. huid betreffend
English - Greek - dermal Pronunciation
επίθ. δερματικός
German - Russian - dermal Pronunciation
adj. кожный
German - Turkish - dermal Pronunciation
s. ciltle ilgili
English - Arabic - dermal Pronunciation
English - Chinese - dermal Pronunciation
(形) 皮肤的; 真皮的
English - Chinese - dermal Pronunciation
(形) 皮膚的; 真皮的
English - Hindi - dermal Pronunciation
a. अन्तत्र्वचा-संबंधी, चमड़े का, जिल्द का
English - Japanese - dermal Pronunciation
(形) 皮膚に関する
English - Korean - dermal Pronunciation
형. 피부에 관한
English - Vietnamese - dermal Pronunciation
n. thuộc về da
a. bì phu

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