n. skin inflammation
n. dermatitis, skin inflammation
n. dermatitis, skin inflammation
English - Spanish - dermatitis Pronunciation
s. dermatitis
Spanish - English - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatitis, skin inflammation
English - French - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatite ou dermite, inflammation de la peau
English - German - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. Dermatitis, Hautentzündung
English - Italian - dermatitis Pronunciation
s. (Med) dermatite
English - Portuguese - dermatitis Pronunciation
s. dermatite, inflamação da derme
English - Russian - dermatitis Pronunciation
с. дерматит, воспаление кожи
English - Turkish - dermatitis Pronunciation
i. dermatit, deri iltihabı
German - English - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. skin inflammation
Dutch - English - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatitis, skin inflammation
English - Albanian - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. pezmatim i lëkurës
English - Dutch - dermatitis Pronunciation
zn. huidontsteking
English - Greek - dermatitis Pronunciation
(Lex**) δερματίτιδα
German - Spanish - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatitis (f), dermitis (f)
Spanish - French - dermatitis Pronunciation
(medicina) dermatite (f); dermite (f)
Spanish - German - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatitis, hautentzündung
German - Italian - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. dermatite (f)
German - Russian - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. дерматит (f)
German - Turkish - dermatitis Pronunciation
i. dermatit (f)
Dutch - French - dermatitis Pronunciation
(geneeskunde) dermatite (f); dermite (f)
English - Chinese - dermatitis Pronunciation
(名) 皮肤炎
English - Chinese - dermatitis Pronunciation
(名) 皮膚炎
English - Japanese - dermatitis Pronunciation
(名) 皮膚炎
English - Korean - dermatitis Pronunciation
명. 피부염
German - Chinese - dermatitis Pronunciation
[die] 皮肤炎。
Spanish - Korean - dermatitis Pronunciation
n. 피부염
noun: inflammation of the skin; skin becomes itchy and may develop blisters

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Synonyms for dermatitis
rash: efflorescence, eruption, breakout, skin irritation