Definition of dermatopathy Pronunciation
1. Any disease of the skin
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English - English - dermatopathy Pronunciation
n. skin disease, skin disorder
English - Spanish - dermatopathy Pronunciation
s. dermatopatía, enfermedad de la piel
English - French - dermatopathy Pronunciation
n. dermatose, maladie de la peau
English - German - dermatopathy Pronunciation
n. Hautkrankheit
English - Italian - dermatopathy Pronunciation
s. dermatopatia (malattia della pelle)
English - Portuguese - dermatopathy Pronunciation
s. dermatopatia, enfermidade na pele
English - Dutch - dermatopathy Pronunciation
zn. huidziekte
English - Japanese - dermatopathy Pronunciation
(名) 皮膚病

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