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English English - Definition of dermatosis 
n. skin disease
n. skin disease
Spanish English To Spanish - dermatosis 
s. dermatosis
French English To French - dermatosis 
n. dermatose; maladie de peau
German English To German - dermatosis 
n. Dermatose, Hautkrankheit
Italian English To Italian - dermatosis 
s. (Med) dermatosi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - dermatosis 
s. dermatose, doença de pele
Russian English To Russian - dermatosis 
Turkish English To Turkish - dermatosis 
English Spanish To English - dermatosis 
n. skin disease
Dutch English To Dutch - dermatosis 
zn. huidziekte
ChineseS English To ChineseS - dermatosis 
(名) 皮肤病
ChineseT English To ChineseT - dermatosis 
(名) 皮膚病
Japanese English To Japanese - dermatosis 
(名) 皮膚病
German Spanish To German - dermatosis 
n. hautkrankheit, dermatose
noun: disorder involving lesions or eruptions of the skin (in which there is usually no inflammation)


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