Definition of derogatory Pronunciation
1. Tending to derogate, or lessen in value of someone; expressing derogation; detracting; injurious.
2. When referring to a clause in a testament: a sentence of secret character inserted by the testator alone, of which he reserves the knowledge to himself, with a condition that no will he may make thereafter shall be valid, unless this clause is inserted word for word; – a precaution to guard against later wills extorted by violence, or obtained by suggestion.
3. A trade-line on a credit report that includes negative credit history.
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English - English - derogatory Pronunciation
adj. belittling, disparaging, scornful
English - Spanish - derogatory Pronunciation
adj. derogatorio, anulativo; despectivo, menospreciativo, peyorativo, vilipendioso
English - French - derogatory Pronunciation
adj. dérogatoire, abaissant, humiliant, outrageux
English - German - derogatory Pronunciation
adj. abschätzig, abfällig, erniedrigend
English - Indonesian - derogatory Pronunciation
a. menghina: yg menghina, merugikan orang lain: bersifat merugikan orang lain
English - Italian - derogatory Pronunciation
agg. (Dir) derogatorio; sprezzante, umiliante
English - Polish - derogatory Pronunciation
a. uwłaczający, poniżający, uchybiający
English - Portuguese - derogatory Pronunciation
adj. derrogatório; depreciativo
English - Romanian - derogatory Pronunciation
a. defavorabil, peiorativ, păgubitor
English - Russian - derogatory Pronunciation
прил. умаляющий, нарушающий, унизительный
English - Turkish - derogatory Pronunciation
s. küçültücü, alçaltıcı; uygunsuz, zararlı
English - Ukrainian - derogatory Pronunciation
a. применшувати: що применшує, зневажливий, принизливий
English - Dutch - derogatory Pronunciation
bn. geringschattend, minachtend
English - Greek - derogatory Pronunciation
επίθ. υβριστικός, μειωτικός, υποτιμητικός, εξευτελιστικός
English - Arabic - derogatory Pronunciation
‏إزدرائى، منتقص، حط من قدره‏
English - Chinese - derogatory Pronunciation
(形) 贬损的
English - Chinese - derogatory Pronunciation
(形) 貶損的
English - Hindi - derogatory Pronunciation
a. अपमान करनेवाला, अपमानजनक, लज्जाजनक, मानहर
English - Japanese - derogatory Pronunciation
(形) 軽蔑的な; 傷つけるような
English - Korean - derogatory Pronunciation
형. 손상하는, 품위를 떨어뜨리는, 경멸적인
English - Vietnamese - derogatory Pronunciation
a. làm mất phẫm cách, mất địa vị, phạm đến quyền lợi, làm giãm giá trị

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Synonyms for derogatory
opprobrious: derogative, disparaging, depreciative, debasing, vituperative