Definitions and translations for "determine"

Definition of determine

1. To set the boundaries or limits of.
2. To ascertain definitely; to figure out, find out, or conclude by analyzing, calculating, or investigating.
3. To fix the form or character of; to shape; to prescribe imperatively; to regulate; to settle.
4. To fix the course of; to impel and direct; with a remoter object preceded by to.
Someone else's will determined me to this course.
5. To bring to a conclusion, as a question or controversy; to settle authoritative or judicial sentence; to decide.
The court has determined the cause.
6. To resolve on; to have a fixed intention of; also, to cause to come to a conclusion or decision; to lead.
The news of his father's illness determined him to depart immediately.
7. To define or limit by adding a differentia.
8. To bring to an end; to finish.
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English - English - determine

v. decide, settle; conclude; cause, affect
v. determine, establish, fix, define, will, type, incite, calibrate, constrict, plot
adj. determined, resolute, resolved, purposive, specific, definite, certain, fixed, given, set, decided, bound, dogged, purposeful, determinate, stalwart

English - Spanish - determine

v. determinar, decidir, estipular, fijar, imponer, puntualizar, resolver; definir, delimitar

Spanish - English - determine

[determinar] v. determine; define; decide; establish; dispose

English - French - determine

v. déterminer, décider, fixer

English - German - determine

v. bestimmen, festsetzen

English - Indonesian - determine

v. menentukan, memastikan, menetapkan, mempertetap, mempertetapkan, mematok, memutuskan

English - Italian - determine

v. determinare, fissare, stabilire; risolvere, definire; decidere; sciogliere

English - Polish - determine

v. ustalać, zadecydować, czynić, decydować, definiować, determinować, oznaczać, postanowić, rozstrzygać, skłonić, stanowić, ustalić, rozstrzygnąć

English - Portuguese - determine

v. determinar, estipular

English - Romanian - determine

v. determina, stabili, preciza, fixa, statornici, aprecia, delimita, hotărî, convinge, obliga, decide, cauza, îndupleca, pune capăt la {jur.}, expira {jur.}

English - Russian - determine

г. определять, устанавливать, измерять, вычислять, обусловливать; побуждать, заставлять; разрешать; решать, решаться

English - Turkish - determine

f. kararlaştırmak, karara bağlanmak, karara varmak; belirlemek; neden olmak; sabitleştirmek; saptamak

English - Ukrainian - determine

v. визначати, вимірювати, обчислювати, обумовлювати, заміряти, заумовлювати, наважуватися

Portuguese - English - determine

[determinar] v. determine, define; appoint; fix, resolve; access; ascertain; condition; govern, order

English - Dutch - determine

ww. beslissen, besluiten, vaststellen

English - Greek - determine

ρήμ. ορίζω, προσδιορίζω, καθορίζω, πείθω, υπολογίζω

English - Arabic - determine

‏فصل، حدد، حسم، فصل فى، عقد العزم، حتم، أنهى، صفى، إتخذ قرارا، إنتهى، رسم الحدود، قرر‏

English - Chinese - determine

(动) 决定; 判决, 裁定; 使决定, 使下决心; 确定; 决定; 判决; 终止

English - Chinese - determine

(動) 決定; 判決, 裁定; 使決定, 使下決心; 確定; 決定; 判決; 終止

English - Hindi - determine

v. निश्चय करना, निर्धारित करना, तय करना, ठान लेना, स्थिर करना, निपटाना

English - Japanese - determine

(動) 決心する; 決定する; 確定する

English - Korean - determine

동. 결심시키다, 결정하다; 결론을 내다; 영향을 미치다, 작용하다

English - Vietnamese - determine

v. định rỏ, định trước, vạch biên giới, phân xử dứt khoát, quyết định, giải trừ, thủ tiêu, mản hạn, đến kỳ, nhứt quyết
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Synonyms for determine
1. ascertain: judge, learn, ordain, certify, prove, check, see
2. decide: conclude, resolve, settle
3. set: condition, devise, state, decide, plot, take, establish
4. induce: control, impel, govern, incline, lead
5. intend: resolve, mean
Verb forms for determine
Present participle: determining
Present: determine (3.person: determines)
Past: determined
Future: will determine
Present conditional: would determine
Present Perfect: have determined (3.person: has determined)
Past Perfect: had determined
Future Perfect: will have determined
Past conditional: would have determined