Definition of devotion Pronunciation
1. Feelings of ardent love.
Their devotion to each other was beautiful.
2. Commitment to some purpose.
The devotion of his time and wealth to science.
3. Religious zeal; the willingness to serve God.
4. (usually plural) religious observance or prayers (usually spoken silently).
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English - English - devotion Pronunciation
n. faithfulness, dedication
n. devotion, godliness, religiousness, worship, sanctimony
English - Spanish - devotion Pronunciation
s. devoción, adoración, piedad, pleitesía, recogimiento, reverencia, veneración; fidelidad, lealtad; unción, dedicación
English - French - devotion Pronunciation
n. dévouement; dévotion
English - German - devotion Pronunciation
n. Hingabe; Aufopferung
English - Italian - devotion Pronunciation
s. devozione, dedizione, attaccamento; affetto; il consacrare
English - Portuguese - devotion Pronunciation
s. devoção, entrega, dedicação
English - Russian - devotion Pronunciation
с. преданность, увлечение, сильная привязанность, набожность, религиозное рвение, молитвы
English - Turkish - devotion Pronunciation
i. bağlılık, sadakât, düşkünlük, fedakârlık, özveri
English - Dutch - devotion Pronunciation
zn. toewijding; toegevendheid
English - Greek - devotion Pronunciation
ουσ. ευλάβεια, λατρεία, αφιέρωση
German - Turkish - devotion Pronunciation
adama, (zaman) ayirma, baglilik, düskünlük, dindarlik
German - Dutch - devotion Pronunciation
English - Chinese - devotion Pronunciation
(名) 热爱; 投入
English - Chinese - devotion Pronunciation
(名) 熱愛; 投入
English - Japanese - devotion Pronunciation
(名) 献身; 専念; 帰依
English - Korean - devotion Pronunciation
명. 헌신, 헌납, 신앙심

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Synonyms for devotion
1. dedication: consecration
2. affection: party, attachment
3. eagerness: enthusiasm, ardour, fealty, fidelity, love, loyalty, zeal
4. piety: grace, devoutness, homage, faith, religion, godliness, sanctity