Definition of dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
1. One of the stereoisomers of amphetamine, with the chemical formula C9H13N, that is used to stimulate the central nervous system.
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English - English - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
n. crystalline chemical substance (medication to stimulate the nervous system)
n. dextroamphetamine, crystalline chemical substance
English - Spanish - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
s. dextroanfetamina (sustancia química que excita el sistema nervioso, medicamento)
English - French - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
n. dextroamphetamine (matière chimique stimulant la système nerveux, remède)
English - German - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
n. Dextroamphetamin (nervensystemreizendes chem. Medikament)
English - Italian - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
s. dextroamfetamina (sostanza chimica che stimola il sistema nervoso, farmaco)
English - Portuguese - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
s. dextroanfetamina
English - Dutch - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
zn. dextroamphetamine (chemische stof die het zenuwstelsel prikkelt, geneesmiddel)
English - Chinese - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
(名) 右旋安非他命
English - Chinese - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
(名) 右旋安非他命
English - Japanese - dextroamphetamine Pronunciation
(名) デキストロアンフェタミン, 透明な化学物質(神経系統を刺激する薬品添加物)

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