Definition of dicot Pronunciation
1. A plant whose seedlings have two cotyledons, a dicotyledon.
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English - Spanish - dicot Pronunciation
s. dicotiledónea
English - French - dicot Pronunciation
n. dicotylédone, plante à deux cotylédons
English - German - dicot Pronunciation
n. zweikeimblättrige Pflanze
English - Italian - dicot Pronunciation
s. (Bot) dicotile
English - Portuguese - dicot Pronunciation
s. dicotiledôneo, planta que possui dois cotilédones
English - Dutch - dicot Pronunciation
zn. Een plant met twee gelijkwaardige delen
English - Japanese - dicot Pronunciation
(名) 双子葉植物(植物学)
English - Korean - dicot Pronunciation
쌍떡잎식물(Magnoliopsida)은 속씨식물 중 떡잎이 두 장 나는 것을 말하며, 쌍떡잎식물강으로 분류된다.

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