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A 1
a back view of things
a bad beginning makes a bad ending
a bad egg
a bad hat
a bad job
a bad lot
a bad pennyworth
a bad quarter of an hour
a bad turn
a bad woman
a bad word
a bad workman quarrels with his tools
a bag of bones
a ball of wool
a banditti
a bar of
a bare living
a bare majority
a bargain is a bargain
a beast of a job
a beautifully turned out woman
a beautifully worded address
a bee in his bonnet
a better fellow does not breathe
a bewitching beauty
a big gun
a big wheel
a bird in the bush
a bird in the hand
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
a bit
a bit bigger
a bit earlier
a bit much
a bit of
a bit of a
a bit of a fool
a bit of a help
a bit of advice
a bit of fluff
a bit of muslin
a bit of skirt
a bit off
a bit thick
a bit weak upstairs
a bit wet
a bite and a sup
a bitter cup
a bitter pill to swallow
a blank look
a blatant lie
a blessing in disguise
a blooming fool
a blot on escutcheon
a blot on one's escutcheon
a blot on the landscape
a blow by blow account
a blow-by-blow account
a bob a nob
a bolt from the blue
a bomb
a bonnet with ribbons to match
a book full of meat
a book in six instalments
a book of doubtful authorship
a born
a bound forward
A branch
A branch GHQ
a brand from the burning
a brand from the fire
a breed apart
a broken reed
a budget of news
a bull in a china shop
a bully is always a coward
a bundle
a burden of care
a button short
a byword for iniquity
a c
a capella
a cappella
a card up one's sleeve
a certain amount
a certain amount of
a change for the worse