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a change of air
a change of clothes
a chapter of misfortunes
a chip of the old block
a chit of a girl
a clamant need for changes
a clean sheet
a clear consience
a clear month
a close shave
a cloud on one's reputation
a cluster of bees
a cock bill
a coffee with milk and sugar
a color scheme
a concession to public opinion
a considerable amount of time
a constructive suggestion
a cool card
a cool customer
a cool hand
a cool thousand dollars
a cool twenty kilometers
a copy book performance
a copybook performance
a creature of a day
a crook in the lot
a cruel act
a crumb of
a crying jag
a crying need
a cup of
a cushy job
a cut from the joint
a d
a daft evader
a dark horse
a day after the fair
a day before the fair
a day or so
a dead dog
a decided affirmative
a decision of great moment
a deep one
a degree better
a degree warmer
a deux
a devil incarnate
a devil of a fellow
a devil to work
a dickens of a mess
a didactic tone
a dime a dozen
a dithering idiot
A division
a dog's age
a dog's life
a door disguised as a bookcase
a dot of a child
a dozen in all
a draught of beer
a drivelling idiot
a drop in the bucket
a drop in the ocean
a drop of
a drop on smth.
a drop on something
a drowning man grasps at a straw
a drowning man will catch at a straw
a duck of
a dumb dog
a face alight with happiness
a face like the back of a bus
a face suffused with blushes
a fair amount
a fair chance of success
a fair crack of the whip
a fair sum
a false step
a far cry
a far cry from
a fast set
a fat chance
a fat lot
a fat lot of
a fat lot of good
a fat lot you care
a fault confessed is half redressed
a feast for the eyes
a feather in one's cap