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a few
a few days ago
a few more
a few of
a few other examples
a few steps from the beach
a few stray instances
a few words
a few years ago
a file of men
a fill of tobacco
a film of fog
a fine friend you are
a fine friend you are!
a fine kettle of fish
a fine kettle of fish!
a fine lady
a fine lady!
a first cousin once removed
a fit of nerves
a five dollar bill
a flat
a flaw in an argument
a flea in one's ear
a flight of stairs
a flight of wit
a flood of light
a flood of tears
a flood of words
a fly in the oinment
a fly in the ointment
a fly on the wheel
a fond
a fool in grain
a foot thick
a formal address
a forthcoming book
a fortiori
a fortnight today
a fresh start
a friend in need is a friend indeed
a friend of mine
a friend of old
a friend of theirs
a friendly turn
a gay life
a generation ago
a generous amount
a generous nature
a gentleman's outfitter
a girl in every port
a glass of tomato juice
a glib tongue
a glimmer of hope
a glob of whipped cream
a going
a going plant
a gone case
a gone man
a good anvil does not fear the hammer
a good ball
a good bargain
a good bearer
a good beginning is half the battle
a good beginning makes a good ending
a good berth
a good buy
a good deal
a good deal of
a good deed
a good delivery
a good distance off
a good dodge for remembering names
a good egg
a good egg!
a good few
a good hand at
a good head of hair
a good jack makes a good jill
a good job
a good job you made of it
a good job you made of it!
a good job!
a good knife and fork
a good lather is half a shave
a good lay
a good likeness
a good long walk
a good man for
a good many