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a good milker
a good mixer
a good name is better than good oil
a good number of
a good pennyworth
a good riddance
a good scout
a good trencherman
a good turn
a good while
a grain of wheat in a bushel of chaff
a grand affair
a great body of facts
a great deal
a great deal better
a great deal of
a great find
a great future is reserved for you
a great lady
a great many
a great number of
a great occasion
a great piece of luck
a great quantity of
a great sleeper
a great weight off one's mind
a great while
a green salad with french dressing
a group of
a ha experience
a hand at smth.
a hand at something
a hand for smth.
a hand for something
a handful
a handle to one's name
a handsome sum
a hanging matter
a happy event
a hard fought field
a hard nut to crack
a hard row to hoe
a hard-fought field
a harrowing story
a hell of a noise
a hell of a way
a hill of beans
a house divided against itself
a hulk of man
a hull
a hunch
a hundred and one things to do
a hundred percent
a hundred to one
a hundred to one chance
a hungry man is an angry man
a job of work
a jolly old blade
a just cause of offense
a just reward
a kind of brocade
a kind of clam
a kind of clove tree
a kind of farm implement used to level ground
a kind of red algae
a kind of reed
a kind of wild reed
a king's ransom
a knock down and drag out
a knockdown and drag-out
a knot in one's heart
a la
a la carte
a la guerre comme a la guerre
a la mode
a land of fish and rice
a large amount of
a large body of water
a large quantity of
a league
a leap in the dark
a legal adviser
a let down
a let-down
A level
a lick and a promise
a life of ease
a light attack of illness
a likely explanation
a limited measure of success