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acrylic paint
acrylic resin
acrylic sheet
act a part
act according to circumstances
act after one's kind
act against
act against one's will
act against the law
act arbitrarily
act as
act as a go between
act as a go-between
act as a guide
act as a host
act as a matchmaker
act as a mediator
act as a salesman
act as a traveling agent
act as agent
act as an agent for
act as an incentive
act as an informer
act as an intermediary
act as broker
act as chairman of
act as doorkeeper
act as host
act as one sees fit
act as procurator
act as referee
act as smb.'s ambassador
act blindly
act contrary to
act contrary to common sense
act contrary to nature
act coyly
act dumb
act fast
act firmly
act for
act for oneself
act for smb
act for smb.
act hastily
act humanely toward smb.
act in a case
act in accordance with
act in an arbitrary fashion
act in an opera
act in combination
act in concert
act in concert with
act in consideration of
act in coordination with each other
act in unison
act indecently
act kindly
act like
act like a big shot
act like a buffoon
act like a charm
act like a fool
act like an absolute monarch
act like an overlord
act ludicrously when drunk
act meanly
act mechanically
act of assault
act of attainder
act of bankruptcy
act of barbarity
act of betrayal
act of bravery
act of charity
act of congress
act of defiance
act of dragging
act of faith
act of folly
act of God
act of grace
act of harassment
act of indemnity
act of justice
act of man
act of mercy
act of mutiny