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act of oblivion
act of parliament
act of picking up crop left after harvesting
act of protest against
act of providence
act of sabotage
act of singing
act of state
act of supremacy
act of terror
act of terrorism
act of violence
act of war
act on
act on behalf of smb.
act on impulse
act on instinct
act on mutual agreement
act on petition
act on the defensive
act on the offensive
act on the spot
act one's age
act one's part
act out
act pharisaically
act piously
act prematurely
act properly
act quickly
act rashly
act rashly and alert the enemy
act recklessly
act servilely
act the ape
act the ass
act the fool
act the giddy goat
act the liberal
act the lord
act the maggot
act the part
act together
act toward
act ultra vires
act under a principle
act under duress
act under pressure
act up
act up to one's opinions
act upon
act violently
act wait
act warily
act wildly
act wilfully
act willfully
act with discretion
act with undue haste
act with utter disregard for human life
act your age
acted against his better judgement
acted as if he owned the place
acted for
acted in self defence
acted in the line of duty
acted rationally
acted under the banner of
acted wisely
acted within the law
acting as agent
acting as go between
acting blindly
acting chairman
acting consul
acting copy
acting crazy
acting defense minister
acting director
acting fast