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A line dress
a little
a little bird told me
a little bit
a little bit off the top
a little difficult
a little higher
a little kindness goes a long way
a little later
a little more
a little more, please
a little of
a little over my head
a little previous
a little tin god
a little too much
a little too small
a little way
a little while
a load was taken off his mind
a lodgement of dirt in a pipe
a long jointed bamboo
a long run of power
a long sight better
a long slog
a long time
a long time ago
a long way
a long way off
a long way to hoe
a long while
a long while ago
a loophole in the law
a lot
a lot better
a lot more
a lot of
a lot of different things
a lurking suspicion
a m
a mad venture
a man adrift
a man can die but once
a man framed for hardships
a man impossible to ruffle
a man of
a man of action
a man of belial
a man of corpulent habit
a man of great worship
a man of moods
a man of principles
a man of sense
a man of substance
a man of talent
a man of wealth
a man of wide reading
a man of your inches
a man set in authority
a man with a pockmarked face
a man with plenty of guts
a man without scruples
a matter of
a matter of concernment
a matter of life and death
a matter of no great urgency
a matter of no little interest
a matter of record
a matter of taste
a mere apology for a dinner
a mere assertion
a mere formality
a mere inference
a mere nobody
a mere nothing
a mere pittance
a mere trifle
a mile long
a mile's walk from
a mischievous twinkle
a miss is as good as a mile
a mite of a child
a month of sundays
a month wanting two days
a month's holiday
a murrain on you
a murrain on you!
a museum piece
a n
a nasty one